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USA Culture


In the present day world, USA culture is influencing different countries across the globe. But when we talk about the origin of American culture, it is relatively new compared to many other countries like Britain, France, Egypt, India and many others. History of USA dates back only three hundred year, therefore US culture might not be as rich as many traditional countries, nevertheless it is very influencing.

The country has taken inspiration from domestic originalities and European ideals. The later has played a major role in developing the country’s culture; especially from the British, who ruled the country for several years. USA culture encompasses customs, ideals, traditions, values, beliefs, folklore, art and many other aspects, which has been influenced by the British people. Many innovations have been developed domestically as well, which the natives take real proud in; like military traditions, American sports, entertainment, art and even their language. Americans speak English but their style of speaking, especially the accent and pronunciations are every different from normal British English. Such style of English is being adopted by many people around the world, especially the young generation.

Moral and materialist elements, free expression, risk taking, political structure, scientific and military competitiveness, liberal and conservative elements, everything together constitute the exclusive culture of America. The symbolic and flexible nature of the American society leads many researchers and scholars to classify the culture of the country as mythic, where as others perceive it as extraordinary.

American customs also encompass elements developed from Native Americans and many other subcultures like Latin American, African American, etc.

USA society and culture:

The demography of the country basically comprises of immigrants from different parts of the world, which has resulted in the mish-mash of culture in the nation. Every American has his route in some other nation for example Scotland, Italy, Germany, Ireland and many others.

Friendly and informal:

Culture in the United States is quite popular among people across the world. The informal and friendly aspect of the country’s culture is known to all. Certain behaviors like speaking to strangers as you stand in a line or sitting in a café; pass a warm smile to people walking on the street or sitting next to you and week-end culture is appreciated and adopted by people around the world. Americans are very easy going and are usually comfortable hanging out with.

Value of Time:

Americans really value Time and coined the expression ‘Time is money’. Time is as important as money to them. They are known to save and spend time in a very calculative manner. To a certain extent they judge the personality of people on their punctuality and how well they utilize their time.

Family Culture

American families are usually very small as they believe in nuclear family. Children also become independent after the age of 18 and more often than not, live separately from their parents. Everyone has their own life and do not like the interference of others. They live on their own; however family get-together over the weekends is a usual practice.

So, here you have a brief overview of USA culture as a whole. So, incase you are planning to visit or move to the country, be ready to adapt to the unique customs and live the American lifestyle at its best.

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