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International Events in UK

The International Events in UK are some of the primary causes which happen to be responsible for the influx of huge crowds to the country of UK from various nations around the globe. As some of the chief Tourist Attractions in UK, these International Events in UK happen to honor the assorted cultural elements of UK.

Bordered by the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and the Irish Sea, United Kingdom is composed of four constituent countries - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. With highlands, lowlands, plains, valleys, lakes and greenery, every corner of the country is stunning in its own way. Greatly influenced by the Roman culture, UK exhibits traces of the same in various architectural details. All these factors draw a large number of tourists but all people visiting UK, however, try to involve themselves in or be present at any of the International Events in UK which celebrate the various aspects of life, like culture, sports and trade.

Some of the primary reasons for the large advent of tourists to the UK subcontinent are some of the UK International Events that are as follows:

  • Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships
  • London International Wine & Spirit Fair
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival
  • London International Boat Show
  • Celtic Fusion - International Music and Arts Festival
  • Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues Festival
  • Children's International Theatre Festival
  • Cardiff International Food & Drink Festival
  • London International Mime Festival
  • Bath International Music Festival
  • Women's Arts International Festival
  • London Marathon
  • Southport International Jazz Festival

The various international fashion shows, garments fairs and sport events are other International Events in UK that draw tourists hugely. These festivals witness the advent of numerous travelers from different countries visiting the country of UK. Several producers, promoters, business persons, buyers, etc of several items are found to meet and interact with each other under one roof during each of the International Events in UK, which is a chief section of the UK Travel Guide, thus giving distinctive element to them.