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Yeovil Aerodrome

A major town of South Somerset, England, Yeovil is a famous tourist destination, known for its BIG shopping zone. All of you who are avid fans of cricket, especially of the England county cricket, must be familiar with the name of this place (Yeovil Rec), frequented by Ian Botham in his growing-up days. Wondering how to get there? Just fly down to Yeovil Aerodrome and see what fun this great place has in store for you!

Yeovil Aerodrome, known more popularly as Yeovil/Westland Airport, England, is the main gateway to Yeovil, home to the literary genius T.S. Eliot. It is situated 1.9 kilometer west of the town center. The airport owned publicly by Westland Aircraft enjoys certification from IATA. There is just one runway (4,547 ft) at the Yeovil Airfield, UK.

The Airport in Yeovil can allow flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction due to the special CAA Ordinary Licence issued to it by the Westland Helicopters Limited.

The major Airlines to Yeovil Aerodrome are:
  • Robin Hood Airlines
  • Silver Star Airlines
  • Oasis Hong Kong Airlines
In addition, there are few more aviation related business entities in England, namely Rotary Aviation UK Ltd. and Heliflight Ltd that offer flight service to the city.

Once you have touched down here, you want to drive in to the city center; and to your greatest satisfaction you will find a number of rental vehicles offered by the John's Airport Travel. This transport agency is a very notable characteristic feature of Yeovil, which makes all your airport transfers, transport to railway stations, ferry ports, and long distance work very easy, comfortable and absolutely hassle-free.

So, board your cab and drive in to any of the city's premium lodgings like:
  • Travelodge (Travel Lodge) Yeovil Podimore
  • The Mount Somerset
  • Little Barwick House
  • The Walnut Tree
  • Old Barn Bed and Breakfast
At Yeovile you will get to see a wild number of beautiful museums and castles and gardens. But your visit to the city will remain incomplete if you miss out the famous Fleet Air Museum. With over 40 historic aircraft on display including Concorde 002 (the British prototype), it is the world's largest aviation museum . There are over 90 aircraft in the collection.

So, fly down to the Yeovil Aerodrome and pack in loads of fun this Year End.