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Wick Airport

A major hub for international trade and commerce, the birth place of the Industrial Revolution, a nation dominated by the stock exchange and financial services, the country of United Kingdom is one of the most favored countries among travelers around the world. The travelers can, however, choose the fittest flight according to their individual taste due to the existence of a large number of Flights to U.K. One of the most preferred destinations in Scotland is the city of Wick. If you have Wick in you itinerary, then the numerous options of Flights to Wick will definitely prove to be of great use. The Wick Airport is the main airport of Wick and it connects the world to the city.

Situated on the northern part of the town, the Wick Airport is owned and managed by the Highlands and Islands Airport Limited. EGPC and WIC are respectively the ICAO and IATA codes of the airfield. At this airport the two runways are paved in asphalt and one of them measures 5988 x 148 feet and the other3399 x 148 feet. The following airlines are served by Wick Airport:

  • British Airways
  • Eastern Airways

At Wick Airport, the passengers can avail of the following services:
  • Facilities for the disabled
  • Nursing room
  • Car rental
  • CafĂ©
  • Post Box
  • Baggage storage
  • Information desk
Located on the banks of River Wick, the city of Wick is a former burgh in the north of higher council area of Scotland. Mainly an estuary town, the city has a population of about 9000. Some of the interesting places to visit in the city of Wick are the various castles, museums and the library.

On your tour to Wick, do not forget to visit the Wick Heritage Museum, Castle of Old Wick and Old Pulteney Distillery.