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Old Sarum Airfield

Amongst the few places in the United Kingdom, Salisbury still now bears the prehistoric culture of the earliest inhabitants of Britain. Each and every building of this cathedral city reflects the old English architecture of UK. Easy availability of Flights to Salisbury have allowed many people to explore this wonderful tourist destination. Like all other Flights to U.K, these Salisbury Flights offer you the best service in the business. Your air trip to Salisbury ends at Old Sarum Airfield, Salisbury.

Two miles away from the heart of the city on its North- East direction, Old Sarum Airfield is situated. This airport in Salisbury was opened for use in 1917 and is the second oldest operational airfield in the U.K. The half mile long grass field of Old Sarum Airfield in Salisbury has been successively used by the Royal Flying Corps, the Royal Air Force, the British Army and very recently in 1992 by the Old Sarum Flying Club.

Old Sarum Airfield, Salisbury had proudly been the home for School of Army Co-operation, Operational Training Unit and Helicopter Tactical Development unit during World War I & II and Post War period. Following are the name of some helicopters operating from Old Sarum Airfield, Salisbury in different times:

  • Bristol
  • Armstrong Whitworth Atlas
  • Hawker Audax
  • Westland Lysander
  • Hercules
  • Andovers
  • Harriers
  • Whirldwind
  • Wessex
  • Puma

Besides being home of Aviation for Paraplegics and Tetraplegics Trust and the Shadow Flight Centre, a CAA Approved Flying School, Old Sarum Airfield today allows many types of general aviations including light aircraft and microlights.

Old Sarum Flying Club, the present operational in charge of this airport serves the guests and the hosts with the following facilities:
  • Fully licensed Bar
  • Restaurant ( serves home made food)
After landing by any of the Flights to Salisbury, you can wander around watching the oldest models of aircrafts and helicopters displayed in its area. During your stay you can also be a part of following leisure activities:
  • Aerobatics
  • A loop – the- loop
  • Flour Bombing( a popular British activity)
  • Paragliding
  • Hang- gliding
  • Sky Diving
  • Microlighting
  • Parascending
  • Flight trial lesson