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Monthly Travel Destinations

With every passing month of the year, we tend to change our desires for traveling and going on a vacation. Different countries and locations have changing weather conditions varying with the months of the year. The month of December brings in snow in parts of Asia and Europe. The beaches of Caribbean and Hawaii usually have a tropical temperate climate during this time. The warm beaches are ultimate December month travel destinations.

About Month Travel destinations

The month travel destinations feature many advantages and disadvantages for tourist. During April to June, the Asian countries of India, Japan, and China have real hot afternoons. They are almost not suitable for tourists who prefer cold regions. But European people love the warm beaches of Goa, India. The visitors who never forget their umbrellas enjoy rainfall marks the month between July-September, the spells. Winters bring in several festivals of Christmas and New Year. The entire world seems to welcome the occasional snowfall. Children indulge in snow skating in the hilly terrains of parts of United States, United Kingdom, and India.

Soon the month of January takes us to the blossoms of February and March, spring in many places. Many parts of Britain is a visited by large tourists groups who enjoy the countryside view, flowering gardens, and the picturesque landscape.

January- March travel destinations

The west coast of Canada, Vancouver has an ideal weather in the winter season. While it has many mountain ranges, snow is particular to few of them. There are wonderful resorts perched on the hilltops that boast of snow diving and skating opportunities for residents. At the foothills of the mountain, take a stroll to find out more of the region shops, restaurants, and other places of visit. Even in the summer months, the Vancouver hills are the prime destination for all lovers. Adventure tourists love the hiking and mountain climbing sports sponsored by the resorts. The vast shorelines are where you will never get bored. The downtown region of Vancouver is equally interesting to tourists after mild winter starts fading away in the month of February. Close to the English Bay, Vancouver has cruises in the months of February and March. The Jericho Beach has significant number of tourists coming during the month of January- March. April is comparatively hotter here.

April- June travel destinations

Several tourists and travelers have confirmed Mexico and Norway as two month travel destinations between April- June. The stunning fjords in Norway, dazzling glaciers, and the beautiful mountain ranges feature unspoiled natural beauty. Part of western Norway has man-made wonders and good for sightseeing. Four sites of the World Heritage Sites in Norway are part of Fjords. The Hanseatic Wharf of Bergen depicts a building tradition that dates back to at least a 1000 years. There are many other old churches in the city like Urnes Stave Church of Luster, which leaves the tourists impressed. One reason why should visit Norway between April-June is for the temperate climate with evening breeze making it idea for your trip.

Travel destinations from July- August

The season for visiting Mexico City starts from mid-May and lasts until July. Your first stop would be the capital Mexico City if you come through the Mexico City International Airport. The Aztec culture of the 14th century is well reflected through the attractions. The city temples and palaces would be a part of your trip here. The Plaza Mayor is the main attraction in the heart of the city. With rich archeological history, Templo Mayor is one of the frequently toured sites. The Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral has trees blossoming to the warm months of July-August.

September- October travel

Cuba is an excellent place of travel across the Caribbean Sea has a large archipelago of islands. The island of Cuba stretches across 1400 km and has several other isles within it. Tourists inhabit the small island during the months of September-October that offers a pleasant climate. The capital city of Cuba, Havana has a welcoming atmosphere. There are clubs and other places for a night party.

Places to go in November- December

United States hosts several Christmas and New Year parties across the country. The cities of New York and Las Vegas are among the cities that have street performances, Christmas tree lighting and decoration, and club parties. Tourists make plans for their visit right from the month of November. The chilling cold has its own beauty here.

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