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Top Beaches in South Carolina

A charming state in the US country, South Carolina owes a lot of its popularity to its beaches. Stretching along the Atlantic shoreline, scenic state is home pristine coastlines stretching for miles. Head towards regions like, Charleston and Hilton Head and you will find some of the best beaches in South Carolina. The best time to hit the sands in this US state is between the months of June and September. The climate is generally, warm during this time and you will find beach lovers heading towards the state with bags packed with sun tan lotion and beachwear. The top beaches in South Carolina boast of a clean and unspoiled ambience such as, the Martyr's Beach in the southern end of the country. While on the shoreline, you will find plenty of accommodation opportunities. If traveling in groups, you can rent a beach rental that offers great deal for group stay.

Popular South Carolina Beaches

Throw yourself onto the sands and you will get a panoramic view of the oceanfront. The white sands, the cold waves, and the soft breezes set a perfect ambience for a fantastic beach vacation. The coastline, stretching over 200 miles, is home to some of the best family beaches. An ideal beach vacation destination South Carolina with its wide extends of sands is ideal for planning a weekend getaway, family trip, or an adventure tour.

Here is a look at some of the top beaches in South Carolina that attracts maximum tourists from all around the world

Hilton Head (South Carolina)

The Hilton Head is renowned as one of the best beaches in South Carolina. The shoreline is famous for its picturesque beauty that opens up a new world of magnificence in front of you. This island with 12 miles of coastline is also home to a beach resort. Here, you can indulge in biking and many other beach games and activities. You can also opt to take a stroll down the Shoreline or jog around the beach path.

Myrtle Beach & the Grand Strand (South Carolina)

The Myrtle is recognized as one of the most popular South Carolina beaches. The sand strip that extends across the Eastern Seaboard attracts around 12 million tourists in a year. The 10 miles of sands in the color of brown sugar is the major highlight of the stretch. Here, you can relax, jog around or take a walk down the shoreline. You can also end up having a game of volleyball at the beach.

Beachwalker Park on Kiawah Island, South Carolina

The Kiawah Island in South Carolina is known for being home to a popular sand stretch in the nation. This coastline offers you the excellent opportunities of indulging in fames like, golf and tennis. The sand strip also features a number of nature walk trails and kayaking opportunities. The best thing about this part of the island is its spectacular scenic beauty. This is an ideal beach destination for family vacations. This region offers you the beauty of nature at its best and finest.

The top beaches in South Carolina are best known for being a host to both outdoor activities and relaxing sunny vacation.