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Top Beaches in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is blessed with numerous beaches. The top beaches in Hong Kong like Silvermine Bay Beach, Repulse Bay and Stanley Beach attract people from all corners of the world. Holidaymakers love to spend time here for not only its beauty but also due to the fact that they are free from sharks and safe from bacteria. A beach in Hong Kong is only considered to be safe when the waters have shark proof nets and E.coli treatment done on them. You surely don't want to end up facing a shark during your fun-trip in Hong Kong. Do you? Check out the top beaches in Hong Kong and plan a fantastic holiday.

Top five beaches in Hong Kong:

Hong is blessed with pristine beaches making each visitor fall in love with the beauty. Beach lovers spend their day relaxing at these sun kissed shorelines and the night partying at the same location. The sand-strips of Hong Kong attract people of all age groups. The top beaches in Hong Kong however, are the best options available as they have Shark prevention nets and E. Coli treatments done on them.

  • Silvermine Bay Beach: Located on the Lantau Island, you will find a serene atmosphere. Peace lovers love to come to this coastline as it is quieter compared to the other shore-lines of Hong Kong. It is clean and is surrounded by mountains. The beach has lifeguards and is quite safe for swimmers. There are restaurants and shacks that sell yummy delicacies. If you wish to stay close to the coasts, there are various accommodations, some of which are located near the beach.

  • Turtle Cove Beach: Another beautiful sand-strip to visit in Hong Kong is the Turtle Cove Beach. This lies near Stanley and Tai Tam Reservoir. The coastlines are 70 meters in length. The beach has all the facilities ranging from showers, toilets, soft drink counters and rooms.

  • Big Wave Bay: Surfers find Big Wave Bay one of the best sand-stripes to come to in Hong Kong. The shore-line is a local favorite and also attracts foreigners from various countries. Known to be Hong Kong's only beach for surfing, adventure lovers are especially attracted to this.

  • Deepwater Bay Beach: Deepwater Bay beach is one of the most famous beaches in Hong Kong. The location of the sand-strip however is one of the main reasons behind attracting loads of beach lovers. This lies close to the Central Hong Kong and can be easily accessed. Swimmers love this Hong Kong beach. Weekends are the time when Deepwater Bay Beach is the most crowded. There are shark nets for safety, restaurants and changing rooms too for the visitors.

  • Lo So Shing Beach: Hong Kong has another beautiful shoreline to its credit. Lo So Shing Beach is one of the cleanest coast-lines and is also highly recommended beach for swimming. Lying on the Lamma Island, this is one of the most famous shores of Hong Kong. Lifeguards, changing rooms, and shark nets are available on the shore-strips. Beach lovers can also munch on some delicacies available at various restaurants on the shore while they relax themselves.

    Hong Kong also has other excellent beaches like Cheung Chau, Cheung Sha and Shek O, which you will love to check out during your vacation.