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Top Beaches in Aruba

The Aruba islands situated in the South Caribbean off South America coast is a top draw among the beach lovers. Featuring a dry climatic condition and the magic of white sands and azure blue water, the beaches of Aruba attracts and allures in true spirits. You can find a stunning combination of sun, sand, and the sea at almost all corners of the island, however, the best views are found on south and west coasts of the islands. The top beaches in Aruba include Palm, baby, Rodgers, Eagle, and Arashi that are best defined in the words of stunning and serene. While on a visit to these destinations, you can find plenty of activities to indulge on. From water sports activities to relaxing ambience, the Aruba beaches have it all. Be it snorkeling or surfing or just enjoying sunbathe, the azure blue waters and white sands set the perfect backdrop of a fantastic beach vacation experience.

Popular Beaches in Aruba

If hitting a beach town is your next vacation idea then, always consider the best beaches in Aruba as your top choice. Here is a look at the top beaches in Aruba that are a major draw among both domestic and international tourists.


- the most famous beach of the island, Palm is very popular in the islands of Aruba. Here, you will find everything from outdoor activities to fantastic dining opportunities along with plush beach resorts. You will also get to catch fantastic views of the Caribbean skyline. Most of the resorts along the coastline even offer fantastic views of the sea along with exotic treats of seafood. This region is also famous for planning an ideal family vacation along with a romantic getaway.


Calm and serene are the two best words that defines the ambience of this Aruba beach. Baby, as the name suggests offers exciting opportunities for the kids to indulge in playful activities. The sea over here features warm shallow water that makes it ideal for taking a swim or indulging in water sports activities like, snorkeling. Be it the younger generation or the beginners, the beachfront are a fun place to be. You can also just relax under the shadows of a palm tree or opt for sunbathe amidst the wonderful scenic setting.

Rodger's Beach

One of the best-known beaches in Aruba, the Rodger is an ideal place for indulging in a swim. Here, you will get to see local kids diving off the piers. The beach also ranks high on entertainment quotient, as you will get to witness the rocking performances of live bands at the beachfront in this region from Easter to summer.


Ranked as one among the 10 best beaches in the world, the Eagle is a huge crowd puller. Featuring a fantastic scenic setting, this one remains crowded throughout the year. The beach region offers everything from cool shadow areas to shallow waters. Be it for relaxing or indulging in a swim, this is one of the best places to be. The beach also features one of the longest shores.


Situated near the California Lighthouse, the beach is famous for its white sands. Popularly known as a great place for sunbathing and tanning, it is a top draw among the international tourist heading to the Caribbean.

Some of the other top beaches in Aruba are
  • Hadicurari
  • Boca Grande
  • Boca Catalina
  • Malmok
  • Grapefield