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Top Beaches in Africa

The continent of Africa boasts of more than thousand splendid beaches. Surrounded by Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, Suez Canal, Red Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the continent has several islands and exotic shore-strips. Top beaches in Africa namely El Alamein, Shar el-Sheikh, Paradise Beach and Sun City are flooded with beach lovers from visiting from all over the world.

Top five beaches in Africa:

Beach lovers can chose to come to this continent of Africa, which is sure to give you the best holiday experience. From white sandy coats to coral reefs lying under water, the shorelines of Africa are a delight to visit. Some of the top shores in Africa are:

Beach of Shar el-Sheikh

: Beach of Shar el- Sheikh is a wonder of its kind. Golden pebbled sands contrasted with sapphire colored water are just a heavenly sight. You can be a part of sailing, fishing, snorkeling, hiking and other activities at this beach. Apart from the various activities, you and your loved ones can relax by the shore and munch at the various cafes and restaurants, located on the shore.

El Alamein

: El Alamein is a beautiful township with spectacular beach. This African shore-strip has white sandy shores, which is contrasted with turquoise blue and sapphire blue waters. The rock formations in the around the beaches however, obstruct swimming activities, here at El Alamein. This Egyptian beach attracts people from far and wide, especially during the holiday season.

Bird Island

: Big Island beaches give a dream come true experience. This African island is located in Seychelles and has the most beautiful coasts in the region. White sandy coasts with turquoise blue waters and coral reefs make your shore holiday at Bird Island a complete experience. The beaches are also blessed with natural flora and fauna.

Alphonso Island beach

: Alphonso Islands in Sychelles are yet another dream destination for tourist traveling to Africa. The beaches are beautifully adorned with natural flora and fauna. Visiting the Island beach, you can relax by the seaside and watch the different birds that fly to this region. The sparkling ocean attracts tourist from far and wide and leaves them mesmerized.

Dakla Bay

: Morocco boasts of another amazing beach destination, lying at Dakla Bay. The beach offers a blend of colors inform of golden sands and crystal clear water. The sand dunes and the lagoons further add to the glory of this beach. For those waiting for some action on a holiday, the shore is in no mood to disappoint. Dakla Bay is the ideal location for surfing, swimming, sun bathing, kite-surfing and snorkeling. You can stay close to the shoreline as there are several accommodations at the Dakla Bay.

Other famous beaches in Africa:

Africa is one of the most attractive continents in the world. It has a rich wealth of flora and fauna. Some of the best shore-strips in Africa are:
  • Felicite Island beaches in Seychelles
  • Plettenberg in South Africa
  • Ghar El-Melh in Tunisia
  • Denis Island beaches in Seychelles
  • Djerba in Tunisia
  • Casablanca in Morocco