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Top World Beaches

Beach lovers can choose from among the best options available in the world. There are shores of all kinds to choose from. From turquoise blue waters and white sandy coastlines to golden sands and crystal clear waters, the shore-lines are a divine spot for holidaymakers. Natural beauty with scenic extravaganza is what you can expect to find at some of the top world beaches. Visiting some of the countries and continents like, Asia, Australia, and USA, you can plan a romantic vacation at some of its well-known beaches.

When it comes to having a wonderful holiday experience with great ambience, natural surroundings and loads of exciting activities, shore-strips are where you should be in for your holidays. Top beaches of Australia, Africa, USA and Asia promise to relieve you of all your worldly pressures and rejuvenate you.

Top beaches in Africa:

Africa is known for its wilderness and the beauty hidden in such wilderness. The beaches of Africa are not as famous as beaches of other nations, and are ideal locations for a peaceful vacation. Egyptian beaches are a delicacy for beach lovers, who explore the city and its historic remains and distress themselves here, at the beaches. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean, Africa has various beaches to flaunt. Morocco, Kenya and Tunisia are other such destinations in Africa, which have wonderful beaches.

Apart from the African Safari, the beaches of Africa are yet another reason for a perfect vacation. You and your loved ones can walk through the golden sands and enjoy swimming and diving through the corals. You may even come across dolphins and whale sharks while swimming in these shorelines of Africa. Seafood delicacies like crab, prawns and lobsters too must not be missed while at some of the top beaches of Africa. Some of the top beaches in Africa are:
  • Serena Beach
  • Kololi Beach
  • Pereybere Beach
  • Diani Beach
  • Fajara Beach
  • Kotu Beach
  • Ile Aux Cerfs Beach
  • Bakau Beach
  • Clifton Beach
  • Flic en Flac Beach
  • Seaweed Beach

Top beaches in Asia:

Asia is known for being the largest continent in the world. Asia too ranks high with its top class beaches spread out in various countries. The continent is surrounded by Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and Indian Ocean apart from seas like, Caspian Sea and Black Sea. Shorelines of Asia are known for their natural beauty and serenity. People from all over the world love to visit Asia and its different shore-strips that has more to offer than just beauty.

Visiting Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Cambodia and Taiwan, you can check out some of the best beaches in Asia. Holidaying at the shores of Asia you can also get the local flavor in its food and hospitality. You may even come across the traditional fairs and carnivals, held at the Asian beaches during festive occasions. Some of the best Asian beaches are:
  • Kenting Beach
  • Occheuteal Beach
  • Calangute Beach
  • Saud Beach
  • Bentota Beach
  • Yalong Bay
  • Ko Adang Beach
  • Mae Nam Beach

Top beaches in USA:

USA is one of the most visited holiday destinations of the world. Beaches in USA are yet another reason for attracting holidaymakers. Surrounded by Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean the country has several shorelines to its credit. Sand strips of New York, Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and California are a delight to be in. The beaches of USA are filled with couples and groups in the holiday seasons. Some of the top beaches of USA are:
  • Cape Hatteras
  • Coopers Beach
  • Coast Guard Beach
  • Main Beach
  • Beach walker Park
  • Kahanamoku Beach
  • Hamoa Beach
  • Siesta Beach
  • Cape Florida State Park
  • Coronado Beach
  • Patnem Beach
  • Taniung Rhu

Top beaches in Australia:

Coastal areas of Australia are an attraction to several holidaymakers visiting the country. South West Beaches, beaches of Sydney and Queensland are some of favorite tourist attractions in Australia. The country boasts of 32,000 kilometers of coastlines, which presents long stretch of beautiful beaches. Australia is surrounded by Pacific and Indian Ocean. People from all over the world, visit the country and spend their time sun-bathing at the Australian beaches. The beaches give you a heavenly experience with its pink colored mountains surrounding the coasts and turquoise blue waters. Some of the best shorelines of Australia are:
  • Cape Tribulation Beach
  • Cable Beach
  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Whitehaven Beach
  • Bondi Beach
  • Coral Bay
  • Surfer’s Paradise

Holiday at beaches of the world:

A beach holiday is often thought to be a luxury, though at times it may not be so. Coastal vacation may cost you nothing compared to adventure vacations or types of holiday trips. Choosing any one of the top beaches of the world, you can expect to have a wonderful holiday experience. Most of the beaches offer something special. From shore sport activities like, water sports, carnivals on beach, shoreline events and coast parties, you can have all sorts of enjoyment at the best beaches of the world. You and your loved ones will enjoy a holiday at some of these beaches, which promise to allure your senses with its natural splendor and much more.

Other well-known beaches of the world:

If you are wondering, which shoreline to choose for your vacation, you can take a look at some of the best rated beaches of the world. You can visit some of the selected beaches of the world and plan your family or fun vacation here. Most of these shore-strips have resorts and hotels as beach accommodations. You will also find stalls and shacks, where you can taste yummy delicacies like sea-food. Top rated beaches of the world are:
  • Mnemba Lodge in Tanzania
  • Maldives
  • Kondoi Coral Beach in Japan
  • Boracay in Philippines
  • Fernando De Noronha in Brazil
  • Anguilla Beach
  • Bora Bora in Tahiti
  • Kauna’oa Bay in Hawaii
  • Seychelles

A vacation at some of the top beaches of the world is always a dream come true experience. You will love to explore the coastal attractions of the various countries and continents of the world.