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Travel To Vienna

Vienna, the capital city of the Republic of Austria is the largest city. The historic aspect of the city is retained, even though the city has ardently cloaked itself in the contemporary look. The strong historical and cultural heritage of the city is reflected in every nook and corner. It has embraced the European traditions, which are amply highlighted in the colonial style of the past. The place has outshined itself in the field of fine arts, theatre, opera and classical music. The scenic beauty of the place evokes a feeling of exaltation in the mind. The lush green forest, grassland, parks and gardens; spread across acres of land are a soothing site and nothing can take the place of the beauty that it renders. Rightly acclaimed as a romantically imperial city, it is an ideal destination for all those who are basically romantic in nature. Travel to Vienna and savor the magnetic spirit of the place. You will surely want to come back to it again.

Vienna Attractions
The city is packed with many sightseeing attractions. As a natural paradise the place has much to offer in terms of scenic picturesque landscapes. At every turn of the road a new beauty unveils itself leaving the travelers aspiring for more. Tall buildings strike the eye of the travelers evoking a sense of wonder at the fast adaptation of the modern technology. The remnants of the old building are a source of much appeal as they echo the history of the land.

Some of the popular Vienna attractions have been listed below:

Austrian Parliament
An attractive building in Vienna, the main attraction of the Austrian Parliament is the intricate art work of the fountain on the front portion of the building. Your travel to Vienna will be incomplete if you do not visit this impressive building.

Belvedere Palaces
: Built for Prince Eugene, the Belvedere Palaces houses a collection of Austrian art that dates back to the 19th and 20th century. It in fact houses three museums of the Austrian Gallery.

St. Stephen Cathedral
Recognized as being the heart of Venice for centuries, the St. Stephen Cathedral is an attractive tourist spot in Vienna. Built in 1147 AD the cathedral stand today, as an impressive feature with gigantic roof and tall towers.
Other places of interest in Vienna are:
  • Danube River:
  • Eduard Strauss
  • Imperial Palace
  • Vienna City Hall
  • Burgtheatre

Vienna Hotels
Your travel to Vienna will be a successful endeavor if it is accompanied by a good accommodation facility. Several hotels have been established in the vast vicinity of Vienna and they provide not only comfort and ease but, also a homely ambience. Hotels are equipped with all the modern amenities and they facilitate the needs of every guest. Rooms of the Vienna hotels are well established and the ambience that it renders is alluring. Some of the most recommended hotels in Vienna are:
  • Hilton Plaza Hotel
  • Hilton Danube
  • Hilton am Stadpark
  • Hotel Furts Metternich
  • Pension Hargita
  • Continental Pension