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Travel To Venice

Acclaimed as being one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world, Venice has a lot of breathtaking tourist sites for the passionate travelers. A city in northern Italy, Venice is the capital of Veneto. The city is spread over 117 small islands in the Venetian Lagoon. It is enclosed by the sea and beautifully hemmed with canals. An interesting fact associated with the construction of the buildings in Venice is that, they are built atop the oak and pine posts, which are driven deep into the ground. The place has always been admired by tourists. A romantic charm prevails and pervades the atmosphere of the place. Your travel to Venice will definitely be an enjoyable one. Get hold of a renowned travel agency and plan your trip to the place.

Venice Attractions
The Venice attractions can be categorized as:

Museums and Galleries
There are many museums and galleries in the vicinity of Venice and they form a major tourist attraction sites like Gallerie dell’Accademia, Palazzo Moceniqo

A common phenomenon associated with churches is that, it evokes a sense of relaxation in the mind and has a calming effect. The churches in Venice have a uniqueness of its own. There are a number of churches and they include:
  • San Giacomo dell’Orio
  • Oratorio Dei Crociferi

    Buildings and monuments
    Amongst the many buildings and architectural monuments in Venice, the following are noteworthy:
  • Campanile
  • Scala Contarini del Bovolo
  • Torre dell’Orologio

    Venice Carnivals
    On your travel to Venice do not at all cost miss the Venice carnivals. It is an annual festival held at Venice, which commences two weeks before Ash Wednesday and terminates on Shrove Tuesday. The tradition of celebrating such a festival can be traced back to the early 14th century. On the occasion of this festival the streets are strewn with people wearing masks, which are the central feature of this festival. People adorn themselves with different attires, hiding their personal identities in the process

    Venice Hotels
    Over time and due to the increasing number of tourist venturing into the city of Venice, a large number of hotels have been established. Venice has to its credit an impressive number of quality hotels, coming in different ranges, size and style. Your travel to Venice will definitely be a memorable experience, as the hotels in Venice provide a cocoon of ultimate comfort to its guests. Hotels can be divided into 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels and 3 star hotels.
    Some of the famous hotels in Venice are:

    • Hotel NH Manin
    • AD Place
    • Hotel Ai Due Principi
    • Hotel Al Ponte Antico
    • Hotel Alexander