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Travel To Tokyo

Are you planning to travel to Tokyo? You are likely to experience a variety of activities as Tokyo is a mix of the old and the new. One thing that Tokyo is constantly experiencing is – change. And it is change for the better. Tokyo is modern as well as ancient. Its tradition and culture is deep rooted and generally, the Japanese people like harmony which is reflected when you visit a Japanese household in Tokyo.

Tokyo is a place which is home to the tech savvy as well as the religious. In other words, you can refer Tokyo as an urban cosmopolitan city. Just as the capital city of Japan is famous for technological advancements, people have equal awareness about the fashion world too. The best time to visit Tokyo is during Fall/Winter.

Tokyo Attractions
When you travel to Tokyo and if you have very few days to spare, a week may not be enough for you to visit all the Tokyo attractions. The different attractions in Tokyo can be categorized into the following. And you can visit the places that are included in the categories. Tokyo attractions are sure to give you a breathtaking experience. Parks, nature and gardens
You will come across several parks and gardens that can make you long for more. Landscape garden is not uncommon in Tokyo and you may find many of them.
  • Rikugien
  • Ueno park
  • Imperial East gardens
  • Kiyosumi Garden etc

    Shrines and temples
    One of the main Tokyo attractions is the shrine that is dedicated to Emperor Meiji deity. You will come across Buddhist shrines and temples. Sengakuji Temple is a graveyard.
  • Sensoji Temple
  • Meiji Shrine
  • Zojoji Temple
  • Sengakuji Temple
  • Yasukuni Shrine etc

    Tokyo Hotels
    When you travel to Tokyo there are 3 aspects that you need to take into account - safety, cleanliness and service. You can select a hotel in Tokyo depending on the price, location and connectivity. Tokyo hotels offer wide variety of services. But if you are shelling out less don’t expect to get services that are at par with the services offered by a luxury hotel.

    One thing you need to make sure is the services that are included in your tariff and the ones for which you have to pay extra. The Tokyo hotels can be booked online. And if you find that your hotel in Tokyo is away from the market place, you can avail Tokyo’s subway and train system which is well developed. The public transport system is efficient and offers you comfort, is safe and inexpensive.

    Tokyo Airport
    Tokyo airport is known by the name Tokyo Narita Airport. Tokyo airport is located 40 miles (65 km) to the east of Tokyo. The airport has 2 terminals and if you want to commute in between the terminals, there are different options that you can avail.

    Railway system, taxi, buses, and private cars can help you to travel from one terminal to another. Check out the terminal from where you are supposed to board your flight. The 2 terminals in the Tokyo airport have different railway stations. So, your travel to Tokyo is expected to be less cumbersome.