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Travel To Stratford on Avon

A visit to the birthplace of the creator of some of the all-time great masterpieces like, King Lear, Macbeth, Julius Caesar and many more is an absolutely irresistible lure for one and all. The land of the Bard himself, William Shakespeare, the historic town of Stratford on Avon, UK, located 8 Miles South West of Warwickshire and 22 miles South East of Birmingham, was previously known as Stradforde. If you travel to Stratford on Avon you will be amazed to see yourself transported to the days of yore with the relatively low population of the area (24,000 permanent residents) having kept the English old world charm of the place unspoiled and intact. Although being Shakespeare’s birthplace has turned it into one of the most visited spots on any of the Stratford on Avon tours drawing huge influx of worldwide tourists every year, it still maintains the innocence and originality to the core.

Stratford on Avon attractions:
The tourist attractions at Stratford on Avon in UK are varied and myriad to allow you hardly any time to keep yourself idle. Some of the must visits during your travel to Stratford on Avon are as follows

Holy Trinity Church
Housing the tomb of Shakespeare from 1616, this church is the place that also houses the graves of the Bard’s wife and other kin. Dating back to the 13th century in some parts of the church, it boasts of some of the prized treasures, including the beautiful stained-glass windows, an exquisite high altar which was formerly in St Thomas a Becket chapel, the 15th century baptismal font of Shakespeare and also the chained Bible of the year 1611, Lessons from which the poet himself would listen to during the last few years before his death.

Shakespeare’s birthplace
It is perhaps mainly for this reason that tourists from all over the world flock the town of Stratford on Avon. Believed to be the birthplace of Shakespeare and unquestionably the home of his early years till the early part of his marriage, this half-timbered house in Henley Street stands amid beautiful gardens. Restored with 16th-century decor in mind, sincere efforts have maintained the house in its original form as much as possible, with stone walls and oak beams, fireplaces and many authentic items from the Elizabethan times.

Some of the other tourist attractions at Stratford on Avon are as follows:
  • The Wyrd Museum and Henley Street Theatre
  • Royal Shakespeare Theatre
  • The ancient Guild Chapel
  • Harvard House
  • Hall's Croft

    Stratford on Avon hotels
    On your travel to Stratford on Avon, accommodation is varied, offering you a number of options and allowing you to choose the right one as per your needs and your budget. You can opt for anything from luxury hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, to farmhouses, and self-catering cottages. The luxury hotels of Stratford on Avon let you sink into the lap of luxury, offering beautifully furnished rooms, up-to-date amenities quality service and facilities like 24 hour room service, mini bar, Wi-Fi connection, laundry service etc. It is quite an experience to be served here with the famous elaborate English brunch comprising bacons, scrambled eggs, bread, juices, milk and honey. Some of these hotels also cater conference facilities. If your budget is a bit on the lower side you can very easily put up at any of the budget hotels which are spick and span and provide all the basic amenities with good food and service to make your travel to Stratford on Avon complete.

    Reaching Stratford on Avon
    Your travel to Stratford on Avon is easy with a good availability of transports to this town. Birmingham International is the nearest of the Stratford on Avon airports, from which you can easily get buses and taxis. The train station is at a distance of ten minutes from the town centre. Local buses are available at Bridge Street and National Express buses take you to the Riverside Bus Station.