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Travel To San francisco

Spread across an area of 46.7 square miles and with a population of 808,976, San Francisco is the 12th most populous city in United States. Apart from being a city with significant financial and cultural importance, San Francisco has also emerged as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Travel to San Francisco in order to enjoy the chilling summer fog, the majestic beauty of the Victorian and modern architecture and many others. The wide variety of tourist attractions attracts a lot of tourists from different parts of the world. However, if you are planning for a short trip to San Francisco, then it’s not possible to visit all the sites.

Some of the most important San Francisco tourists attractions are as follows:

Union Square
The Union Square is an integral part of the San Francisco tours. It is one of the most popular among the three original parks of the city. The public space atop a multi level underground parking plaza provides a refreshing experience to the tourists. Moreover, the place also has a number of elephant shops and hotels.

Cartoon Art Museum
The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco is a great attraction for children though adults hardly give it a miss. The museum is entirely dedicated to the preservation of cartoon art in various forms. The museum also features exhibition of cartoon arts.

The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge is truly an engineering marvel and presents a breathtaking sight. The beauty of the bridge has earned it the status of one of the most photographed sights of the world. Each and every tourist cherishes the memory of walking down the beautiful bridge.

Other famous San Francisco tourist attractions:
  • Lombard
  • Coit Tower
  • Alcatraz
    San Francisco hotels
    Travel to San Francisco and select the best hotel that suits your needs. San Francisco has a wide variety of hotels. The luxury hotels of San Francisco take the standard of hotel industry to a new level. The extremely efficient service, availability of a various luxury facilities makes your stay at the hotel a comfortable experience. The various services provided by these luxury hotels include 24 hour room service, in room mini bar, free Wi-Fi connection, car service etc. Some of these hotels also provide meeting facilities. However, San Francisco is not a tourist destination for the elite class only. Availability of budget hotels also allows average class tourists to explore the beautiful city. These hotels may not have the luxury facilities but provide a comfortable accommodation. Staying at these hotels will burn your pocket much less and you will be able to enjoy the beauty if San Francisco without any headache.

    San Francisco culture
    San Francisco is always known as a city escapes from the conservative traditions and culture of East Coast and Midwest. It boasts a diverse form of culture and is an international center of culture for its association with museums, arts, architecture and festivals.

    San Francisco climate
    The lovely weather of San Francisco has helped in making the city an even more sought after tourist location in the world. San Francisco has a predominantly cool-summer Mediterranean climate.