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Travel to Paris

The fashion capital of the world and the most romantic city in the world, that’s how Paris is familiar to most of the people around the world. However, the capital of France has a lot more to offer to tourist all over the world. It is also known as the city of lights and has some of the most famous monuments of Europe. With so many museums, churches and other places, Paris is truly a tourists’ delight. Moreover, French cuisine is renowned through out the world. Therefore, you will also get the opportunity to savor the delicious French cuisines by visiting any of the restaurants in Paris. Any Paris Travel guide will comprise of all these basic factors

Some of the most famous Paris attractions are as follows:

Eiffel Tower
Built in the 19th century, The Eiffel Tower is the face of Paris tourism. With a height of 324 meter, that is equivalent to the height of an 81 story building, The Eiffel Tower attracts a huge number of tourists every year. However, it takes a test of their stamina as the lift is available only to move from the second level to the third level. Before that one has to break hundreds of staircases to reach the first and second level of the iconic tower.

Notre Dame Cathedral
The Notre Dame Cathedral is an instance of marvelous gothic architecture. The beautiful architecture that comprises of spire, dramatic towers, statuary and stained glass is a treat to the eye. Tourists usually feel very excited while visiting the spot as it was once the heartbeat of Medieval Paris

Sorbonne University
The Sorbonne University also features in most of Paris travel guide. Being the historic soul Latin Quarter, this place has been an epicenter of higher learning activities. Started its journey in 1257 with the help of initiatives from a small group theology students

Paris airport
An important part of the Paris Travel Guide is the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. The largest airport in Paris is also the second busiest airport in Europe after London’s Heathrow airport. The airport handles a huge number of traffic every day. It helps Paris to stay well-connected to most parts of the world. With three modern terminals, and an array of other modern facilities, the airport provides the perfect gateway to the beautiful city.