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Travel to Munich

Lying at foot of German Alps is Munich, the capital of State of Bavaria. Munich ranks second after Berlin as far as popularity and appealing to the tourists is concerned. Munich boasts of as many as 10 universities and around 45 museums. It is the 3rd largest city in Germany. This city is a mix of the old and the new. There are few places in Munich which shows provincialism but you will also find few other areas in Munich where BMWs ply. In order to experience the fusion of the old and the new, travel to Munich to get a taste of this elegant and exquisite place.

Munich Attractions
There are several places to see around in Munich. So, when you travel to Munich, make sure you cover as many Munich attractions as you can. Given below are some of the main attractions in Munich. And unless you visit these places, your trip to Munich is regarded as incomplete.

Alte Pinakothek
Alte Pinakothek or the Old Picture Gallery was first opened by Ludwig I, in the year 1826. Here you will get to see images of the different achievements of the Emperor. The Old Picture Gallery has as many as 800 plus paintings which indicate the European art history during the between 14th and 18th century.

Alter Peter
This is St. Peter’s oldest parish church in Munich. There are as many as 302 stairs. If you are able to climb up these stairs, you will reach the top of the tower from where you can view the entire Munich City. Alte Peter which is one of the main Munich attractions has undergone several changes especially during the Rococo as well as the Baroque period.

Frauenkirche is a gothic building which took about 20 years to complete construction. Duke Sigidmund laid the foundation of this cathedral in 1468. Travel to Munich to get a good look at this church which is a standing testimony of the yester years in Munich Germany
Other Munich attractions:
  • Marienplatz
  • Hauptbahnhof
  • Hofgarten
  • Haus der Kunst

    Munich Tours
    Your trip to Munich is not complete if you don’t see the different places within the city. This can be essentially done with the help of Munich tours that are conducted by the hotels which accommodate you. If you are confident enough, you can set off on these Munich tours on your own too. So, if you are planning to travel to Munich, make sure you know the places to look around which you shouldn’t be missing out. Generally, you can undertake the following tours in Munich:
  • Munich to Frankfurt tours
  • Munich city tours
  • Overnight Royal Castle tours

    Munich Hotels
    Munich hotels belong to different categories. You will come across budget or economy hotels in Munich. And if you want to put up at a luxury hotel in Munich, you have various options to choose from. Basically, you will find all the facilities, tourists look forward to in a standard hotel. However, the tariff and the amenities available in the Munich hotels may differ from one another. Once you have decided to travel to Munich, it is better to book your rooms well in advance to avoid uncertainty.

    Munich Airport
    You can reach Munich airport either by bus, train or your car. The connectivity is fairly good from different parts of Munich. Munich airport is one of the busiest airports in Germany as far as traffic of people is concerned. Munich airport is known by the name Franz Josef Strauss airport. Munich airport has 2 terminals. Irrespective of the continent you are flying in from, you will find regular flights either daily or weekly. So, travel to Munich to get a taste of this German capital city.