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Travel To Milan

The capital of Lombardy region, Italy, Milan is a city with high historical significance. The Metropolitan area of Milan has a population of around 7,400,000. The city has the history of being badly damaged during the Second World War. However, later it came over it and experienced a steady economic growth resulting to high scale immigration from Southern Italy. Presence of a number of historically significant sites also helped Milan to gain a significant position in the global tourism map. As a result, Travel to Milan soon became a popular option for millions of tourists throughout the world. Milan tour offers a lot of variety as well.

Some of the most popular Milan tourist attraction features:

Brera Picture Gallery
Being one of the finest picture galleries of Itlay, The Brera Picture Gallery is featured in any Milan tour. The collection of pictures, which were found from the edifying collection of Art Academy, includes revolutionary paintings of the 20th century.

Santa Maria delle Grazie
It is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Milan as it has Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper". Tourists get a glimpse of development of art by looking at works of painting on the wall. Though the painting has deteriorated a lot from its original form despite several restorations, it still continues to mesmerize tourists.

The Duomo and roof
Travel to Milan is incomplete without a visit to the Duomo and the roof. The lustrous white Duomo is a magnificent sight and reflects the altercation in architectural styles. Getting up to the roof is a must as from there you will be able to get a breathtaking view of the Alps

Milan Hotel
Milan has a wide variety of hotels. It has top class five star hotels alongside a number of budget hotels. The luxury hotels of Milan not only plays a vital role in making Milan a sought after destination, it also presents an architecture that blends well with the architecture of the city. A 24 hour room service, top class restaurants and bars, free Wi-Fi connection and presence of various other luxurious facilities provide a luxurious experience to its guests. Some of the luxury hotels also offer meeting and banquet facilities along with car service.
Some of best hotels of Milan are as follows:
  • The Westin Palace, Milan
  • Hotel Cavour
  • Mariott Milan Hotel

    Milan also has an array of budget hotels. These hotels come as a blessing for the average class tourists who can’t afford to stay in a five star hotel. These hotels offer much lower tariff rate though they also lack the luxury facilities offered by five star luxury hotels. Despite of that, these budget hotels are a viable option for many tourists. Some of the best budget hotels of Milan are as follows:
  • Hotel Delizia
  • Hotel Bonola
  • Hotel Datio