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Travel To Melbourne

Melbourne is a multicultural city and regarded as Australia’s fashion capital. Being the second largest city in the country, it has attracted tourists from all over the world. Not only that Melbourne has also served as a favorite destination for many filmmakers and you will find many films being shot in this hemisphere. Every year thousands of tourists flock to Melbourne to get a taste of its arcades, fine restaurants, parklands, and gardens. So, if you want to explore Australia’s fashion capital, travel to Melbourne to enjoy the sea and the sand.

Melbourne Attractions:
Given below are some of the Melbourne attractions that are sure to make you cherish this trip throughout your life.

Flinders Street Station
Flinders Street Station was set up in the year 1884. It is one of the prominent landmarks in the city. It is the hub of the transport system of Melbourne.

Victorian Arts Center
Victorian Arts Center is Melbourne’s main center for music, theatre and arts. One of the striking features of this center is that it has a building in the complex which has a spire that is 162 meters. There are 3 theatres on the ground floor of the building. So, if you are a theatre freak, this should be enough to make you travel to Melbourne

Well connected tramway system
Melbourne is also known for its well connected tramway. The tram network covers almost all parts of the city and if you travel to Melbourne, you can catch a glimpse of the old and the new trams alike. So, get ready to tour the entire city in a tram.
Interestingly, the city also has a tramcar restaurant which travels throughout the city and caters to the hunger pangs of innumerable people in the bustling city
There are other Melbourne attractions too. And they include the following
  • ANZ Gothic Bank
  • Chinatown
  • Markets
  • Museums
  • Chloe and Young & Jackson Hotel

Melbourne Tours
Since Melbourne boasts of arcades, gardens, museums, libraries, and galleries, unless you go around the city to visit the above, you will probably return to your country with very few memories of this exquisite place. If you travel to Melbourne, these are the places you should visit. The Melbourne tours are sure to make you happy. Check out the Melbourne tours.
  • Yarra Valley Winery tour
  • Trancar restaurant tour
  • Dinner Cruise in Melbourne
  • Great Ocean Road Eco tour

    Melbourne Hotels
    Once you have decided that you will travel to Melbourne, it is better to book your accommodation a couple of days before you land in Australia. You can check for the hotels online. Melbourne hotels usually belong to different categories. And starting from boutique Melbourne hotels, you will find budget and economy hotels too. Compare rates and services online. In most of the hotels, you will find adequate amenities that should make your stay in Melbourne comfortable

    Melbourne Airports
    You will find several flights from Melbourne airport to different parts of the world. Similarly, Melbourne airport has fairly good amount of traffic. If you want to travel to different parts of the city after landing at the airport, you will find rental cars, buses, and taxis etc. Choose whichever is feasible and convenient for you. The fact that Melbourne offers all the facilities that are required to have a brilliant vacation in this part of the hemisphere it shouldn’t stop you from exploring Melbourne. So, travel to Melbourne for fun, frolic and adventure.