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Travel To Manila

Manila is the capital of Philippines. The city is always awake and is full of energy. This is a lively city that had to face its share of ups and downs, owing to the fact that it was a victim of several invasions. This capital city of Philippines was first invaded by Spain followed by United States and Japan. Manila was founded in the year 1571. The capital city has a couple of attractions that it boasts of and you can view all of them when you travel to Manila.

Manila Attractions
Some of the places that tourists visit when they travel to Manila include the following –

Rizal Park
The Rizal Park is named after Dr Jose Rizal, a writer and philosopher in his own right. This park is used by the people of this place as a source of recreation.

One of the prime Manila attractions, located on River Pasig, is the Intramuros which was founded in the year 1571. It is an encircling wall.
Malacanang Palace
The Malacanang Palace is the residence of the head of state of Philippines.

Other Manila attractions include the following –
In addition to the places of interest mentioned above, there are many other important sites that you need to visit when you travel to Manila.
  • Ayala Bridge
  • Butterfly House
  • Binondo Church
  • Fort Santiago

    Manila Tours
    Manila in Philippines is not just about visiting the prime attractions in Manila. There are various other places that you can visit. Manila tours can be for a day or can be extended trips. Some of the Manila tours that you can undertake are –
  • Tour of Makati
  • Dinner cruise
  • Museums etc

    Manila Hotels
    Prior to booking your tickets to Manila, you should be ready with the accommodation and the hotel bookings. This will save you the trouble of hunting around for Manila hotels as soon as you arrive at this capital city. So, before you travel to Manila, confirm your hotel booking.
    The best way of selecting a hotel in Manila is to go through the reviews of the travelers who have already stayed at Manila hotels. This is possible if you go through the websites that offer extensive information about the same.

    Manila Airport
    Manila airport is known by the name Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Manila). The airport is situated at a distance of 4 miles, south of this capital city. There are as many as 3 terminals and a jeepney can transfer you between terminals. Parking facility at the Manila airport is available and is meant for long as well as short term parking.