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Travel To Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur was established during mid 1800. It is one of the most rapidly developing capital cities in Asia. If you travel to Kuala Lumpur, you will find a welcome mix of the colonial times along with skyscrapers that mark the contemporary. Having won accolades for the “Multimedia Super Corridor”, this city of Malaysia is undoubtedly surging ahead with increased vigor with every passing day.

Kuala Lumpur Attractions
Kuala Lumpur attractions are unparalleled. Ranging from parks to the religious sites there are scores of Kuala Lumpur attractions that will mesmerize you when you travel to Kuala Lumpur.
In fact the Kuala Lumpur attractions have made thousands of tourists awestruck with the beauty of this place and you undoubtedly cannot be an exception. If you plan your trip to Kuala Lumpur before hand, it is sure to give you true worth of your cash.
The prime attractions in Kuala Lumpur include the following –

  • Petronas Twin Towers One of the prime attractions in Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Twin Towers was earlier the tallest towers in the world until the Taipei 101 Tower that was constructed in the year 2004. One of Kuala Lumpur‘s largest shopping complexes has come up adjacent to the twin towers.

  • Batu Caves The limestone Batu caves were built in the year 1891. These caves were used by the native Indians as a place of worship.

  • Lake Gardens If you travel to Kuala Lumpur, don’t forget to visit the Lake Gardens which is an inventory of International as well as national Islamic Art.

    Travel to Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the Kuala Lumpur Tours
    Enjoy Kuala Lumpur city tours and tours to the adjoining areas. Some of the Kuala Lumpur tours you can undertake include the following –
  • Elephant Sanctuary tour
  • Tour to Forest Institute of Malaysia
  • Tour to Agricultural Heritage Park
  • Cultural Night tour
  • Tour to the Aborigine Settlement
  • Kuala Lumpur Walkabout
  • Tour to the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur etc

    Kuala Lumpur Hotels – Economic meltdown can help you earn discounts!
    Owing to the fact that Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur in particular), has always attracted tourists from all over the world, the hospitality industry puts in all effort to strengthen it further.
    Since the major economies around the globe have still not recuperated fully from the economic meltdown, there are many Kuala Lumpur hotels that are offering discounts to their guests in an attempt to attract tourists or retain business clients

    Kuala Lumpur Airport
    Kuala Lumpur airport is known as the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It is situated 34 miles (55 km) to the Southern part of Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur airport has got 2 terminals. And in order to travel between terminals, you can avail the aero train.
    The airport is well connected to the rest of the city with adequate transport facilities. If you are planning to avail public transport, you can opt for the railway, a bus or a taxi. Alternatively, you will get many rent-a-car booths at the Kuala Lumpur airport.