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Travel To Istanbul

As far as the factual information of Istanbul is concerned, it is the largest and the most populous city in Turkey. The city is reveling in the contemporary outlook. It is regarded as the most happening city with abundance of restaurants, bars, galleries and clubs in its vicinity. However, it has still retained its former splendor in all its original form and style. The amalgamation of the modern and traditional world has instilled a new touch of energy and innovation. The important historic buildings, exciting new art galleries and museums of Istanbul take us back to the glorious past. And the lively buoyant mood of the night time, restaurants, bars and clubs introduces us to the splendid adopted world of the present. Travel to Istanbul and enjoy the very spirit and zeal of the city.
Istanbul has lots to offer as far as the attractive tourist places are concerned. You will inevitably get lost in the historic atmosphere once you enter the monuments, museums and other historic buildings. Some of the historic buildings offer panoramic view of the city and also introduces us to its cultural diversity. All the tourist attractions located at the vicinity of Istanbul are practically of historical nature and they date back to the different eras.

Some of the major places of tourist attractions in Istanbul are:
  • Spice Market
  • Suleymaniye Bath
  • Dolmabahce Palace
  • Grand Bazar
  • Blue Mosque
  • Saint Sophia
  • Tapkapi Palace

    Hotels in Istanbul
    To house the ever increasing visitors, a number of hotels have been established. After all, a good and enjoyable experience can be envisaged only if we can find a good place to live. Istanbul has to its credit a large number of good hotels and they come complete with all the modern amenities well equipped. The ambience is such that you will always feel at home in their midst. The Istanbul Hotels offer scores of other facilities and all your needs can be met under one roof.

    Istanbul Flights
    Travel to Istanbul has been made easy by the launch of several flights. Some of the flights operating in Istanbul are:
  • Austrian Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Emirates
  • KLM Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines