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Travel To Florence

One of the most populous city of Tuscany, Italy, Florence has around 367,569 inhabitants. Located on the bank of the River Arno, the city is famous for its art and architecture. The city is also known as the birthplace of Italian Renaissance and has the history of being the capital of the Kingdom of Italy from 1865 to 1870. ‘Travel to Florence’ is increasingly becoming a popular option for tourists as the city of Florence offers a large number of tourist spots in the form of museums, churches and various other landmarks.

Some of the most famous Florence tourist attractions are as follows:

The Baptistery
One of the most integral parts of Florence tours is the Baptistery of John the Baptist. Dating back to 11th century, it is one of the oldest buildings of Florence thus making it a great tourist attraction.

Galleria dell' Academia nts of zodiac
A lot of tourists are also attracted by the beauty of Galleria dell' Academia. The wide variety of exhibits includes sculptures that date back to 13thC to 16thC. The gallery also has the famous sculpture, Michelangelo's David alongside an interesting collection of musical instruments.

Campinile - Bell Tower
Located in Piazza del Duomo, the Campimile Bell Tower is a great attraction for tourists as well. Tourists take the toll of climbing 414 stairs to get breathtaking view of the Cathedral dome and the city of Florence.

florence Other Florence tourist attractions:

  • The Galleria degli Uffizi
  • Santa Croce
  • Ponte Vecchio

Florence hotel
The city of Florence has a large number of hotels. Satisfying tourists of all classes, the city has a number of luxury hotels as well as budget hotels. The luxury hotels will provide you a luxurious experience in the midst of this historically significant city. The personalized service and various luxury amenities make it one of the most comfortable stay, you have ever experienced. On the other hand, the budget hotels may not have the different luxurious amenities but they do provide you a comfortable accommodation without digging deep into your pocket. This genre of hotels is very popular among the average class tourists

Florence culture
Renowned as the city of culture, Florence has the history of being the epicenter of Renaissance. Having a rich culture, Florence has a distinct taste of art, architecture and 9ideas. Travel to Florence in order to experience the rich culture and don’t miss the international Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, which is the biggest cultural event of Florence.

Florence climate
Florence has a humid, subtropical climate with very hot summers. The hottest months of Florence are June, July and August. The best time to visit Florence is during the late spring or early autumn as if you get too much into autumn then you may experience too much rainfall. Autumns in Florence also features summer storms with prolonged long and dark weather. Therefore, travel to Florence and plan it according to the type of weather you prefer

Florence Flights
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