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Travel To Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, a vibrant and contemporary city. It is located on the island of Zealand and Amager and is highly acclaimed as being an important center of culture, business, media and science. It is a beautiful Scandinavian country where the past lurks in every adopted trend of the modern architecture, design and fashion. It is one of the largest and most important towns in Denmark. The place has an abundance of historical buildings, ancient streets, museums and galleries. While the city is fast flourishing and keeping pace with the modern world, it has still not shed off an ounce of the old world. Herein, lies the glory and charm of the place. Travel to Copenhagen and discover for yourself the splendor of the place.

Copenhagen Attractions
The major Copenhagen attractions have their own unique character. They expose the history, culture and the rich heritage of the place. It is predominantly a green city because it is dotted with big and small parks all around. The city boasts of a large number of tourist attractions. They include the following

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen
It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen and is perhaps the most photographed statues in the world. The statue has been erected on a rock at the Langelinie Harbour by the sculptor, Edvard Eriksen in 1913.

Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen:
The Park draws a large number of tourists. It is an amusement park, a pleasure garden and the world’s most thrilling entertainment park. If you happen to travel to Copenhagen, make sure to visit the Tivoli Garden. You will surely enjoy the rides and other fun attractions that the place offers

Amalienborg Palace
Located at the north central area of Copenhagen, the Amalienborg Palace was built by Niels Eigtev around the year 1750. The spacious palace is the winter home of the Queen.

Other Copenhagen attractions:
  • The National Gallery
  • Canal Tours
  • Round Tower
  • Kronborg Castle

Copenhagen Hotels
Your travel to Copenhagen will be a memorable experience only if it is accompanied by a good accommodation facility. Copenhagen Hotels are large in numbers and they provide a perfect experience of a good stay. Hotels are well equipped with provision for all the modern amenities and facilities at your doorstep. There are 5 star Hotels, 4 star Hotels and 3 star Hotels. They come in different range but, facilitate all your needs. Given below are the lists of some of the 5 star and 4 star hotels in Copenhagen:
  • Hotel d’Angleterre
  • Hotel Skt. Petri
  • Radisson BLU Royal Hotel
  • Scandic Front
  • Calrion Hotel Neptun