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Travel To Buenos Aires

Located in the heart of Argentina, Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities. It is also credited for being the second largest metropolitan area in South America. Its importance arises from the fact that it houses the National Government Offices, the Legislative Chambers and Judicial Powers and the force of defense and security. Buenos Aires has also been the gateway to Argentina for centuries. It has its own unique features associated with it and this makes it stand out from the rest of the cities in the world. Travel to Buenos Aires and discover for yourself the grandeur and the uniqueness of the place.

Buenos Aires Tours
Tour packages have paved the way for an easy and guided exploration of a particular place. Travel agency today, organizes various tours for the benefit of the enthusiastic travelers. And, as far as the Buenos Aires tours are concerned, they unveil the unexplored land in all its manifestation and splendor. Museums, mansions and buildings form an attractive sight and the cultural diversity exposed through them is awe inspiring. While on your travel to Buenos Aires you can opt for the following tours, which will provide you with an opportunity to explore the land extensively.
  • Cultural Tours
  • Adventure Tours
  • Sightseeing Tours

    Hotels in Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires boasts of a large number of hotels. Hotels in Buenos Aires cater to the needs of all types of guests. Whether you are on the lookout for luxury hotels or reasonably priced hotels, Buenos Aires has it all.Some of the most popular Buenos Aires hotels, from which you can choose your accommodation destination, while on your travel to Buenos Aires, are:

    • Four Seasons
    • Hotel Del Casco
    • Legado Mitico
    • Alvear Palace Hotel
    • Craft Hotel
    • Mine Hotel
    • Sheraton Hotel
    • Legado Mitico

    Buenos Aires Tourist Attractions:

    There is no dearth of tourist places in Buenos Aires. The place is scattered with a range of attractive tourist spot, each with its own distinctive features, which distinguishes one from the other. The architectural splendors of the monuments are eye catching and fascinating. They will inevitably take you on a ride to the past glories of the land. In addition to the monuments parks, museums and beaches are other attractive tourist spots. The museums provide a glimpse of the local art, culture and history of Buenos Aires. The pristine sea beaches offer a heart rendering sight and they are ideal places to relax and enjoy the natural bliss of the place.
    Some of the popular Buenos Aires Tourist Attractions are:
  • Caminito Street Museum
  • Cosa Rosada
  • Colon Theatre
  • Obelisco
  • Plaza De Mayo
  • La Boca
  • Torre Munumental

    Buenos Aires Culture
    Buenos Aires- an attractive cosmopolitan capital of Argentina, has a unique blend of cultural identity. The culture of Buenos Aires has bee influenced by the European Culture

    Buenos Aires climate
    The city of Buenos Aires has a humid subtropical climate. The average temperature ranges from 35 degree Celsius in January to 10 degree Celsius in July. It encounters regular rainfall, which may occur at any time of the year.