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Travel to Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Federal Republic of Germany and is situated in the heart of the continent. Although it was subjected to a lot of ups and downs in yesteryears, it has managed to overcome these hideous periods only to emerge stronger. Berlin has undergone drastic transformation following its post-Wall event. Berlin is a mixture of glamour and guts. If you travel to Berlin, the art galleries, museums, temples, food joints, and opera houses etc is sure to take your breath away

Berlin Attractions:
The various places of attraction make Berlin a much sought after destination for people from all around the world. If you happen to travel to Berlin, make sure you visit the places that draw thousands of onlookers every year. Some of the Berlin attractions you can feast your eyes on include the following:
One of the most integral parts of Florence tours is the Baptistery of John the Baptist. Dating back to 11th century, it is one of the oldest buildings of Florence thus making it a great tourist attraction.

Brandenburger Tor is a standing testimony of reunified Berlin

Holocaust Memorial
This structure is a Memorial which has as many as 2711 concrete slabs. It is essentially one of the Berlin attractions dedicated several years after the Nazi regime fell.

Berliner Dom
A cathedral constructed during the period 1894 to 1905. If you travel to Berlin, you will find this Berlin attraction on the island located in the midst of River Spree. It was damaged as a result of the war but was opened for the tourists in the year 1993.
In addition to the Berlin attractions mentioned above, you can visit the following places of attraction in Berlin. They include the following –
  • Zoo
  • Museum Island
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche
  • Berlin Wall
  • Gendarmenmarkt

    Berlin Tours
    If you travel to Berlin, you can take a tour around Berlin to explore the city. You can either travel throughout the city on your own or you can seek help of a tourist guide. There are many hotels in Berlin that organize city tours for all the travelers who have put up in the hotel. So, check out the following types of Berlin tours to get the true essence of the city.
  • Walking tours of Berlin
  • Red Berlin tour
  • Berlin City Circle tour
  • Jogging tours
  • Nordic walking

    Berlin Hotels
    In order to enjoy the various Berlin tours and attractions mentioned above, you need to travel to Berlin and put up at a hotel that will assure you to give the best of the services. There are various Berlin hotels you will come across. The Berlin hotels offer a wide range of facilities which will make your stay in the Berlin hotels memorable. However, make sure you check out the rates as you will find many hotels offering different services and rates. The Berlin hotels can also be booked online.

    Berlin Airports
    If you are planning to fly to Berlin, you can take flights that will take you to any one of the 2 Berlin airports. They are –
  • Tegel International Airport
  • Schonefeld Airport
    Travel to Berlin to discover this historic city and don’t leave any stones unturned to make your trip to Berlin a memorable one.