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Travel to Athens

Athens, the capital of Greece has evolved over the years for the better. No matter what changes it undergoes politically, demographically, and economically, the Acropolis stands tall rising above the city and overlooking the same. The marvelous Acropolis is a standing testimony of the changes that this capital city has undergone. Greece has always appealed to tourists from all over the world and its mystical charm can mesmerize you too. So, if you plan to travel to Athens, be ready to get a taste of old Greece and the modern metropolis.

When is the right time to travel to Athens?

Reaching Athens is not a very tough task given the fact that the place is well connected with all the major continents of the world. However, you may have some reservations about the time that is best to visit this place.
Excluding the month of August and the national holidays, you can travel to Athens any time of the year. It is better to take a week’s retirement from your daily chores and monotonous lifestyle and just fly off to the home of the Acropolis.
Nevertheless, there are so many places of attractions to visit and tours to undertake that a week may appear to be too less a time to get around this historical place.

Athens Tours
Athens has a good communication network in the country. There are buses, metro, taxis, and trolleys that you can avail if you want to set off for Athens tour. Buses ply too but they may be a bit crowded on weekdays. Athens tours essentially consist of the places that are mostly visited by tourists. Check them out –
  • Epidaurus
  • Nafplion
  • Mycenae
  • Delphi
  • Olympia
  • Day cruise – Hydra, Egina, and Poros
  • Meteora
  • Night tour of Athens
  • Walking tour of Athens etc

    Athens Attractions
    In addition to the tours you undertake in Athens, there are several other places of interest in this city. Some of the sites of Athens attractions include the following –
  • The Acropolis and ParthenonThis is one of the main Athens attractions and people from around the world come to Greece to take a look at the Acropolis. The view from the Acropolis is magnificent and if you travel to Athens, your trip to Athens is not complete unless you visit the Acropolis. The sight of temples below is a feast for the eye.
  • Lycabettus HillIf you travel to Athens and intend to spend sometime on your own, the Lycabettus Hill is the ideal place for a getaway.

    In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are other Athens attractions to be visited. They include the following –
  • Syntagma Square
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Piraeus
  • Cape Sounion and Poseidon Temple
  • The Plaka
  • The Agora etc

    Athens Hotels
    Athens hotels put in all effort to make your stay at the capital city comfortable. You will find different types of hotels in Athens that are star rated. Some may be in the heart of the city while few may be towards the suburbs. However, it is important that you book your rooms online well in advance.

    Athens Airports
    Athens Airport is well connected to the other parts of the world. When you travel to Athens and after you land at the airport, connecting to the other places in the city is not a very difficult task as the public transport system is well developed.

    Athens Flights
    The best time to avail cheap flights to Athens is during the winter. During this time of the year, this capital city is bubbling with excitement and fun. Although you will not get to enjoy the fun filled summer, but this experience is something you will definitely cherish.
    Some of the well known airlines that fly to Athens include the following –
  • Lufthansa
  • British Airways
  • KLM
  • Singapore Airlines