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Travel To Amsterdam

Capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam is an impressive place, abounding in beautiful architectural buildings, lovely canals and great shopping destinations. It is the largest country of Netherlands, a place embodied in rich culture and history. The city boasts of many architectural buildings dating back to the 17th century and a walk through some of the remotest corner will inevitably take you back to that era. The gorgeous look of the city is established by the wide spectrum of historical and cultural heritage. When you travel to Amsterdam you will find that the place is dominated mostly by museums. During the summer time, the city hosts nonstop festivals and events and they are a major source of attraction for the tourists.

Amsterdam Attractions:
Amsterdam exhibits a multitude of tourist attractions. You can tour the land on foot, bike, bus or boat. The diverse range of historic sights is the biggest attractions in Amsterdam. They reflect the cultural heritage and antique values of the place. Once there, you cannot help but, marvel at the splendor of the ancient monuments and innumerable museums. Amsterdam attractions have been hailed as one of the best in the world. There are many places of interest in Amsterdam and each is endowed with its own unique characteristics.
Some of them have been listed below
When you travel to Amsterdam make sure to keep Rijkmuseum at the top of the list. It is the largest museum in Netherland and one of the several Amsterdam tourist attractions. The museum exhibits famous pieces of Dutch art.

Oude Kerk
A massive and exclusive old protestant church, Oude Kerk is an abode of peace. The structure of the building echoes the Gothic architectural style and this accounts for its extraordinary beauty

Anne Frank House
It is the hiding place of the little girl Anne Frank who spent the most crucial years of her life imprisoned here. It is within the walls of this house that she wrote her famous book ‘The dairy of Anne Frank’, which chronicles the events and experience of her life while she was in captivity with her family.

Other places of attraction in Amsterdam are:
  • Stedelijk Museum
  • National Maritime Museum
  • Nieuwe Kerk
  • Rembrandt Museum
  • Madame Tussauds

Amsterdam Hotel
People usually travel to Amsterdam to savor the natural beauty and study the cultural profundity of the place. However, without a good accommodation facility we cannot really think of having a nice time. The city boasts of a large number of hotels, which serves the guests with the best possible services. Thanks to it, we now have a range of accommodation choices before us. Amsterdam hotels can be divided into; luxury hotels in Amsterdam, boutique hotels in Amsterdam, family hotels in Amsterdam, budget hotels in Amsterdam, Amsterdam airport hotels, Amsterdam central station hotels, Amsterdam business hotels, 5 star hotels in Amsterdam and 4 star hotels in Amsterdam

Some of the Luxury Hotels in Amsterdam are:
  • American Hotel
  • Amstel Hotel
  • Amsterdam Hilton
  • Marriott Hotel Amsterdam
  • Okura Amsterdam