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Travel To Adelaide

Just as Melbourne is known as the fashion capital of Australia, Adelaide is referred to as the city where food and wine is abundant. Being South Australia’s capital, the city is located adjacent to the Torrens River. Although it is a small city but it has various attractions and interesting places to visit. Probably this is why Adelaide has managed to attract people from all over the world. Every year there are innumerable people who travel to Adelaide to visit the vineyards, museums, and art galleries etc.

Adelaide Attractions
Adelaide attractions is more than just walking or touring around the city to see markets and restaurants. If you are planning to travel to Adelaide, make sure you don’t skip the following attractions in Adelaide.

Art galleries
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The city has many theatres which play host to thousands of tourists and also the ones residing here. Some of the theatres you can visit include the following –
  • Holden Street Theatres
  • Adelaide Convention center
  • State Opera
  • Adelaide Art Society etc

    Heritage, Museums
    The city boasts of several museums. Each museum has a story to convey. Ranging from Australia’s transport system to mineral galleries, Australia’s Aboriginal culture, you have plenty to explore. So, when you travel to Adelaide, enjoy the spirit of today’s Australia and also of the country in the yester years. Travel to Adelaide to visit the following museums –
  • South Australian Museum
  • Tramway Museum
  • Jet Fighter Museum

    Adelaide Tours There are various places to visit in Adelaide. Since the place boasts of many vineyards, cinemas, theatres, and art galleries, some of the Adelaide tours you can undertake include the following –

  • Barossa Daimler Wine tour
  • Opera shows in Adelaide
  • Racing on a fast track
  • Wine lovers tour
  • Haigh’s Chocolates Visitor tour
  • Art gallery tour

    Adelaide Hotels
    Adelaide hotels can be found in different parts of the city. Depending on whether you want to put up at the suburbs or in the heart of the city, there are many hotels that you can choose from. An interesting way to find out the Adelaide hotels that offer good service is by going through the reviews on the Internet. There are a couple of motels that you will come across too.

    Adelaide Airport
    Adelaide airport serves as the gateway to the Southern part of Australia. The airport is equipped with the latest state of art amenities/facilities. Travel to Adelaide should not be a cumbersome affair because Adelaide airport has good connectivity with all the continents. Not only that there are many flights that arrive and depart from destinations around the world.