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Thailand Current Events and Festivals

Thailand is a popular South Asian country for tourism. Famous for its cultural diversity and various ethnic communities, this country holds a strong cultural and heritage appeal. The calendar year of this country features a range of celebrations promoting the cultural richness of the nation. Thailand events and festivals featuring a range of religious, social, and regional celebrations strongly uphold the tourism appeal of the country. These celebrations attract a significant number of visitors to the country. You can opt to be a part of the festivities to get a real taste of the culture of this South Asian country.

Popular Thailand Events and Festivals

The South Asian country hosts a number of events covering the social and religious aspects of the nation. These celebrations offer the people a great opportunity to reunite and celebrate the bond of togetherness. Popular religious celebrations in the South Asian country are generally held on significant holy days of the Buddhists. Popular festivals include the celebration of Visakhabuja Day, Khao Phansa, Makhabuja Day, and Asarnhabuja Day. These days of the celebration are also observed as national holidays in the country.

Social celebrations held in the nation include the popular Songkran and Loy Kratong festival. Some of the other distinguished Thailand cultural afffairs include Poi Sang Long Festival in Mae Hong Son (in April), Rocket Festival in Yasothon (in May), Phi Ta Khon Festival in Loei (in June), Candle Festival in Ubon Ratchathani (in July), and Vegetarian Festival in Phuket (in October). The South Asian country also celebrates some regional festivals promoting the cultural background of the nation, which over the years has developed an international recognition.

Here is a detailed look at some of the most significant Thailand events and festivals held in the nation throughout the year

Festivals in Thailand

Let us have a look at some of the popular carnival celebrated by the South Asian country throughout the year -

  • New Year' Day - one of the most popular fiesta in the country, this is celebrated across the nation with the observance of Buddhist rituals and traditions. The celebration features a whole lot of entertainment characterized by fireworks displays and street performances throughout the day.
  • Umbrella and Handicraft's Fair - Umbrella and Handicrafts fair is another recognized festival that is held each year in the nation. The one organized in Bo Sang in the Chiang Mai district exhibits handicrafts.
  • Chiang Mai Flower Festival: Held over a period of three days, this one in the Chiang Mai district holds a flower exhibition. The festival also witnesses beauty contests and parades.
  • Bangkok International Film Festival: A celebration of international recognition, this film fair witness the screenings of a number of old and new movies. This one also features award ceremonies and grand parties.
  • Pattaya Music Festival: The music fiesta held in Pattaya is an event of international recognition. Held over a period of three days, this event witnesses the performances of several internationally renowned singers and opera singers.
  • Songkran Festival: One of the most significant celebrations, this one is actually the celebration of Thailand New Year. Throwing water on each other marks the major ritual of the celebration.
  • Rocket Festival: This one is dedicated to the farmers; this one too holds significant importance in the calendar year of the country. This event witnesses offerings of prayers for cultivation of their paddy fields. The celebration is held in the honor of Lord Vassakan.
  • Hua Hin Jazz Festival: A significant Thai carnival, this one highlights the cultural appeal of the country. This particular event witnesses the performances renowned jazz singers from all across the world. The show is held on open-air stages.

    Thailand events and festivals apart from reflecting the cultural heritage of the south Asian country also strongly exhibits its tourism appeal

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