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Thailand Weather

The climate and weather of Thailand make it a favorable place to visit. Thailand weather is largely tropical and humid in nature in the various islands. Tourists willing to have a vacation in the beaches and islands favor the tropical climatic condition. The cities of Thailand enjoy a humid climate except for the rainy season when it is comparatively cooler in the urban regions. The small interior towns and villages of Thailand where the indigenous people live remains hot even during the night and they are often far from the riverside.

The southern part of Thailand peninsula region is humid for at least 8 months of the year. The area situated north of the country experience three seasons- winter, summer, and monsoon. The islands on the south Thailand is cooler than the northern parts. An island vacation would be ideal for you in the south that has only tropical and hot weather.

In north Thailand, the weather from November to May is usually dry. These dry months have tourists traveling the southern part mostly. The months of November to May also has the influence of the cold winds making them even drier. March to May, the Thailand weather fluctuates rapidly with dryness and spells of rainfall.

Thailand weather conditions

Thailand weather is favorable for tourists both in northern and southern region. The best season in north Thailand is from May to December. The northeast monsoon winds affect the northern part often causing rains in some cities and islands. The southwest monsoon winds cause heavy rains here by the end of November.

People visiting the souther regions encounter the wet, tropical, and hot weather condition. However, the east and west of the Peninsula has different weather. On the west coast, the rainfall is heavy and brought by the southwest monsoon winds than the east coast. East coast of the peninsula should be avoided from April to October when the there is heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms. From October to December, Thailand weather is particularly pleasant in both east and west coast of the country’s peninsula.

Thailand weather- South

The southern part of the nation has the highest concentration of beaches, bays, and islands. It also receives the highest ever-recorded rainfall. The maximum temperature in the region is around 2400 mm. Central and north Thailand gets around 1,400mm.

Best time to visit Thailand

The best time to visit this South Asian country is between November and February. It is this time that major parts of the country remain cooler. The temperatures recorded during these months are 18 degrees to 32 degrees. Morning temperatures in extreme north dip to at least 12 degrees. The summer months are around 34 degrees minimum and 40 degrees maximum. The level of humidity is 75 per cent. April is both hot and there are occurrence of storms in many places as well.

It is important to evaluate Thailand weather conditions before you actually plan a trip to the country and its cities.

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