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Thailand Food

Thailand food is one of the most popular cuisines known across the globe. The main focus of the cuisines is to keep the dishes light and simple yet spicy and hot. Some of the major ingredients used for Thai cooking include fresh coriander, lemon grass, lime juice, chilies, garlic, shrimp paste and fermented fish sauce.

Rice being the staple food in Thailand is generally a part of every meal. It is consumed with a variety of side dishes and sauces like nam phrik, fried vegetables, curries and soup. Nam phrik a popular Thai hot sauce is prepared in several different ways and the methods vary from place to place. For example:
  • Nam phrik oong consists of chili sauce, minced pork and tomato
  • Nam phrik kapi consists of chili sauce and shrimp paste
  • Nam phrik pla raa consists of chili sauce and fermented fish
  • Nam phrik pla pon consists of chili sauce and dried fish
    Generally, the sauce has some basic important ingredient like lemon juice, fermented fish sauce, chilli, garlic, and shrimp paste.

    Other seasoning popularly used in Thailand food is coconut milk, ginger, tamarind juice, ground peanut, blackpapper and galingale. It’s not very easy to prepare Thailand dishes in traditional manner and consumes quite a lot of time as well.

    Thailand food is not the same everywhere and differs significantly from place to place. At some regions of Thailand, insects like red ant larvae, silk worm larvae, and crickets are eaten by the local people.

    Desserts form an integral part of Thai food. There is a wide variety of Thai desserts; some basic ingredients used for dessert preparations include coconut sugar, eggs, coconut milk and sticky rice.

    Top Thai dishes:

  • Phanaeng (meat cooked in coconut cream)
  • Kai Phat Met Mamuang Himmaphan (chicken fried with cashew nuts)
  • Mu or Kai sa-te (turmeric coated on roasted pork or chicken)
  • Yam Nua (beef salad which is very spicy)
  • Tom Kha Kai (coconut soup with chicken)
  • Kaeng Phet Pet Yang (roasted duck curry)
  • Phat Kaphrao (meat cooked with sweet basils)
  • Phat Thai (Thai style fried noodles)
  • Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai (green chicken curry)
  • Tom Yam Kung (shrimp soup usually made very spicy)

    Thailand food in categorized as hot, spicy and aromatic; which is probably the aspect that makes the cuisine so popular around the world. However, Thai dishes can me made subjective to suit the taste buds of individuals. For example sourness can be increased by adding more lime juice; lesser chilies can be put to make the dish less spicy and so on.

    Thai food culture not only involves consumption of rice with a variety of side dishes but also the food table should have more numbers of food preparations in relation to the number of eaters at the table.

    So, above you have some important details on cuisines in Thailand and some popular preparations. So, when in the country make sure you give them a try and allow yourself the pleasure of Thai delights.

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