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Thailand Currency

The country is rich with culture, traditions and heritage, which is also a great attraction for tourists. Along with all traditional rituals and praThailand currency is officially known as Baht. 100 satang equals to One Baht. The denomination of the notes vary from Bt10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 and the coins come in the denominations of Bt 10, 5 and 1, 50 and 25 satang. The recent coins are indicated by Arabic numerals. The coins come in various shapes and sizes and often come in different sizes for the same value. The paper money consists of both Thai and Arabic numerals. Different note denominations come in different sizes and the sizes increase in accordance to the higher note denominations. The notes are also color-coded.

Color Code of the Currency in Thailand

  • 10 - Brown
  • 20 - Green
  • 50 - Blue
  • 100 - Red
  • 500 - Purple
  • 1000 - Grey

    Exchange Rate of Currency of Thailand

    The Thailand currency, though the rate of exchange varies from day to day, approximately maintains the rate of 1 USD equaling to 34 Baht. The currency can be exchanged at various places with the banks ranking as the best place to go for a currency exchange. The banks are popular for being known to offer the best rates. You can visit these institutions any time during the day from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm on Mondays to Fridays for an exchange of foreign currency. Other places, where you can go for currency exchanges are, hotels, airport, and bureaux de change.

    Value of Debit and Credit cards and Travelers cheques in Thailand:

    Debit and credit cards like, MasterCard, Visa and American Express are extensively accepted in this South Asian country. It is however, advisable that you go for a confirmation with your credit card company. This is for the acceptability of the cards and for the usage of its other available facilities. You can even opt to go for traveler’s cheques, as additional rate of exchange can be avoided with them. These checques are also widely accepted at major establishments and other financial institutions like, banks, shops and hotels. It is also advisable that you carry such cheques in Euros, US Dollars or Pounds Sterling.

    Currency Restrictions in Thailand:

    Thailand currency has many restrictions and limitations as far as the import and export of the currency is concerned. While, the foreign currency witnesses no limitations on the import and export the local currency faces many restrictions on its import and export. As an individual, you are not allowed to export more than 50,000 Baht of local currency and for families; the restriction goes up to 100,000 Baht. This rule is applicable for people with one pa

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