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Thailand Information

Are you planning to visit Thailand? If you have answered a ‘yes’, then consider spending little time gathering some important Thailand information, which in turn will help you get around the country conveniently.

Thailand, a wonderful country is known for its spectacular islands, exotic wildlife, Buddhist temples and pristine beaches. Thailand culture is one of the most attractive features of the country, which includes world famous Thai massage and food. When it comes to history, the country has quite an interesting one to tell. Along with everything, the nation also boasts a modern capital and courteous people who are warm, friendly and uphold the country’s reputation as “land of smiles”.

Thailand Facts:

  • Capital city: Bangkok
  • Population: 61.5 millions
  • Religion: Buddhism (95% approximately), Hinduism (0.1% approximately), Christianity (0.5% approximately), Muslim (3.8% approximately)
  • Important Cities: Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Pak Kret, Nonthaburi
  • Language: Thai

    Thailand tourist attraction:

    The country has a number of attractions, which have been drawing hordes of tourists from across the globe. These attractions include temples, beaches, nature park getaways, exotic islands, and much more. To visit the destinations the country also offers several kinds of tours like guided bus tours, walking tours, private tours and others. Such tours provide you with professional assistance, which in turn helps you, tour the cities efficiently.

    Thailand accommodation

    Thailand happens to be a major tourist destination and receives numerous of visitors every year. The country caters to all kinds of tourists who come from different parts of the world. There are numerous hotels that Thailand offers ranging from 5star deluxe resorts to budget hotels. However, the room raters for different categories of hotels are likely to vary from region to region.

    Thailand Language

    A major part of information on Thailand comprises the languages used in the country. The official language of the nation is Thai, which is a tonal language, belonging to the family of Tai-Kadai, found in Southeast Asia. The alphabets of the given language are derived from a script called Khmer. The script itself is a descendent of Indian Brahmic writing system. Thai alphabets date back to the late 13th century.
    In case you don’t know Thai, try to learn some important words before visiting the city; doing so will only make things easier for you. There are some minority languages used in the country as well, which include Karen, Akhan, Hmong, Cham, Viet, Khmer, Mon, Teochew, Yawi (Malay) and Lao.


    Buddhism is a predominant religion in Thailand and about 95% of the total population of the country practice Buddhism, with a few other religions which form the minority. Other religions in Thailand include Hinduism, Christianity, Muslim, Sikhs and Jews.
    The second largest population in terms of religion is Muslim, which make up approximately 3.8% of the total population of the country. The majority of the Muslim population is based in provinces towards the southern region of the country like, Songkhla Chumphon, Narathiwat, Yala and Pattani.

    Thailand Climate info

    Talking about Thailand information it is important to include the climate of the region as well. So that in case you are planning a visit to Thailand, you are able to plan your trip accordingly.
    Weather in Thailand is dominated by tropical monsoons. During June to October, the country experiences rainy season and from the month of November the dry season starts. Average temperature during the summers goes as high as 38 degrees C, where as during winter, temperature drops as low as 19 degree C. The mountains towards the northern region of the country are drier and much cooler compared to the costal and central plain region. As Thailand experiences tropical climates, the place maintains more or less comfortable weather through out the year and therefore can be visited whenever you want.

    Thai Food

    Thai food is very popular across the globe. Thai cuisine is known to put major emphasis on light cooking and aromatic elements. Thai cooking is usually very spicy. Variety, detail and balance are some of the key characteristics of the country’s cuisines. Thai food mainly focuses in balancing the five major taste-senses, namely salty, sweet, sour, hot, and bitter (optional).
    A typical Thai meal usually consists of either a whole dish or rice served along with several other complementary dishes. It is a custom in Thailand to serve more number of food preparations than the total number of guests sitting at a table.

    Thailand Culture

    Thailand culture is mainly influenced by Buddhist religion, which is a predominant feature of the country. People in Thailand practice and believe ideals like selflessness, Karma and salvation. For this reason they maintain non-confrontational society within the country. Culture in Thailand is warm and welcoming, which is a major attraction for tourists.

    Thailand Currency

    The currency of Thailand is called Baht, which is again subdivided into a hundred satang. So, now you have a detailed idea about the country with the given Thailand information. Keep these details at these back of your head and be well on your way for a memorable vacation.

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