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Flights to Udon Thani

One of the north-eastern provinces of Thailand - Udon Thani is bounded by the provinces of Nong Khai, Sakon Nakhon, Kalasin, Khon Kaen, Nong Bua Lamphu and Loei. A US air base during the Vietnam War, Udon developed rapidly during that period. After several somnolent decades, Udon has finally gained prominence as a tourist destination, famous for the archaeological site at Ban Chiang and the new bridge from Nong Khai to Laos. Flightshotelstours offers online guide on Flights to Udon Thani.

All Flights to Udon Thani are scheduled to land at the Udon Thani International Airport located near the city of Udo Thani. The airport lies about 450 km to the northeast of Bangkok and presently operates domestic flights to Bangkok and Chiang Mai, besides international flights to Singapore.

The major airlines operating Flights to Udon Thani are:

  • Nok Air
  • Thai Airways International
  • Thai AirAsia
  • Tiger Airways

Some important information about Flights to Udon Thani is enlisted below:

  • Every week, 6 flights from Udon Thani take off on small aircrafts.
  • The smallest commercial aircraft that departs from Udon Thani Airport is an ATR with 66 seats.
  • More than 69 domestic flights fly every week from Udon Thani.
  • The largest aircraft that flies out of Udon Thani airport is an AB3 with 247 seats.

You can also avail of connecting flights to Udon Thani from international destinations like:

  • US
  • North America
  • Europe
  • Mexico
  • Caribbean
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Asia
  • Australasia
  • Middle East
  • Africa

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Perched atop a plateau with mountains and forest in the west, Udon Thani has still retained reminders of the ancient times when the province was an important US military base during the Vietnam War. Ban Chiang - Thailand's most famous bronze-age excavation site is located about 47 km to the east of Udon's city centre.
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