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Trang Airport

Trang is geographically a hilly region featuring splendid natural surroundings. The tourists not only from Trang but also from various other parts of the world visit this place during their vacations. Taking into account the growing pace of tourism in this sector there are many flights to Trang and all the flights make use of Trang Airport for the purpose of landing and take off since it offers a suitable base for all the aerial operations. The airport is located conveniently at a distance of 7 km from the city center.

All the major landmarks of the town as well as transit points are within the easy reach of the airport. Trang Airport in Trang Province, Thailand has set standards in the aviation industry and has earned fame by its persistent efforts that aim towards passenger satisfaction. The operator of Trang Airport is Department of Civil Aviation and the airport is located at a height of 67 ft above the mean sea level.

The IATA code for the airport is TST and ICAO code for the airport is VTST. The airport authority has constantly ensured for the safety and security of the passengers and the overall maintenance and repairs of the airport property. The asphalt runway is at regular intervals given due care so that it is not damaged and thus offer a smooth base for the aerial operations. This airport is one of the best among all the airport in Trang.

The various airlines that use this airbase for operating their carriers are:

  • Thai Airways International
  • Nok Air (Bangkok-Don Mueang)

Nok Air provides the service of 1 daily flight from Trang to Bangkok, with a capacity of 212 seats. A comprehensive range of services that are quite common at any other airport are also extended by Trang Airport and that include the facilities for:
  • Car Parking
  • Public Telephone
  • Restrooms
  • Terminal lounge

Trang offers much more to the tourists than their expectations and features undulating hills, panoramic vistas of the landscape, imposing waterfalls and exquisite national parks. If you are a beach lover then there are plenty that you can check out here with their long stretch of shoreline, turquoise waters and serenity all over.

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