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Flights to Trang

Thailand is a magnificent country and its provinces are equally enchanting. Trang province is one such province that has no equal and draws large number of tourists every year. For the tourists wishing to explore this amazing region, there are many flights to Trang. You would be glad to know that the reputed airlines provide the services of these flights to Trang. You will get a good opportunity to experience the best of aviation hospitality and enjoy your air travel to Trang Province, Thailand.

Trang seems to be blessed with some of the most beautiful natural gifts and is a repository of awe-inspiring landscapes, waterfalls and national parks. There is a whole lot of excitement when you set out for a sightseeing tour for the various places of tourist interest in Trang. Secluded islands and unfrequented beaches are the places that are the major highlights of Trang attractions. The forested areas where the flora and fauna thrives are pristine abodes of natural treasures. The national parks in Trang are basically noted for their natural beauty. The waterfalls are the other attractions that are equally popular for their appeal and milky white gushing water falling from amazing heights.

For the flights to Trang the most convenient base for landing and take off is the Trang Airport and it is located at a distance of 7 km from the city center. The IATA code for the airport is TST and the ICAO code for the airport is VTST. The primary airlines that provide the services of their carriers in this region are:

  • Thai Airways International
  • Nok Air

If you are a bit unsure of your travel to Trang owing to the costly air fares then for you and for the travelers traveling on a shoe string budget, there are many cheap flights to Trang that are available at the pocket friendly costs. These offers make reaching Trang by air transport quite convenient.

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