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Tak Airport

The only airport in Tak situated near the Central Business District, Tak Airport provides entry to all passengers to this striking city of Thailand. It provides domestic aircrafts to and from this airport to various destinations within the country. There are different airlines providing frequent carriers to the major cities in Thailand from Tak.

Tak Airport has only one terminal solely catering to the domestic airlines and their passengers. The Instrument Landing system and Air traffic Control are of superior technological pedigree helping in smooth aviation activities. The concrete runway of the airport, which is 1500 m in length helping the aircrafts in landing and taking off from this airport without any problem.

For foreign travelers it is not much problem to reach Tak even though it doesn't have an international airport. They can reach Tak from any of the major airports of Thailand. There are many Hotels near Tak Airport providing great lodging facilities to the tourists in this Thai city.

Various other complementary facilities and services that flights and the passengers are offered at the Tak Airport include;

  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Flight training
  • Catering
  • Pilot supplies
  • Rental cars
  • Car parking facility
  • Public telephone
  • Rest room

Tak, the capital of the Tak province, is full of popular tourist spots like King Taksin the Great Shrine, Mani Banphot Swamp, Wat Mani Banphot, Chiang Saen Buddha image, Khao Tham Located in Tambon Mai Ngam, Wat Phra Boromthat, Ancient Tak City, Bhumibol Dam, Mae Ping Lake, Lan Sang National Park, Lan Sang and Pha Phung waterfalls, Taksin Maharat National Park, Doi Musur Hilltribe Development & Welfare Centre, Mae Sot, Tham Mae Usu, Pha Charoen Waterfall, Umphang This etc. So if you want a great holidaying experience in Thailand, Tak is the perfect destination for you infested with exquisite natural and man made wonders.



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