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Sakon Nakhon Airport

Gateway to the abode of peace, Sakon Nakhon Airport is one of the most important airports of Northeast Thailand. The moment you touch down here, a unique aura of tranquility takes you in its heavenly embrace. The greenery around soothes your tired eyes that have been searching long for something purely serene. This is the city of Sakon Nakhon located on the Khorat Plateau of Isan region.

Sakon Nakhon Airport is located very near to the provincial capital city. Hence, it is well accessible from all corners of the province consisting of districts like Muang Sakon Nakhon, Khok Si Suphan, Nikhom Nam Un, Charoen Sin, Phon Na Kaeo and Phu Phan. Sprawling over a satisfactorily large area, Sakon Nakhon Airport, Thailand, houses one runway:

  • Runway 5/23: 2600 meters (Surface- Asphalt make)

    Sakon Nakhon Airport, Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand, enjoys certification from both IATA and ICAO and its codes are SNO and VTUI respectively. Presently, the airport is used for both civil and military purposes (Royal Thai Air Force).

    The Airport in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand, is served by one major airline:
    • PB Air- Operates flight service to and from Bangkok.
    There is no international line from Sakon Nakhon Airport. So to get to this beautiful sylvan city, you have to come via Bangkok. Or else, you also can also head for Kon Khaen Airport, served by Thai Airways International. From here it is easy to reach Sakon Nakhon by a range of land transport means.

    After Flying to Sakon Nakhon Airport, drive in to one of the many nearby city lodgings like the renowned Sakol Grand Palace.

    647 kilometers away from the city of Bangkok, Sakon Nakhon is home to the sacred Phra That Choeng Chum and the vast Nong Han Lake. While on a tour at this city, pay must visits to places like:
    • Phra That Narai Cheng Weng
    • Wat Pa Suthawat
    • Phu Phan National Park
    • Huai Huat Reservoir
    • Kut Na Kham Arts & Crafts Center
    • Nam Un Dam
    • Wat Pu Udom Somphon

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