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El Alcazar, Segovia

The El Alcazar, Segovia is one of the outstanding palace castles existing in modern Spain. It lies within the fortified walls of Segovia of Spain and is an important tourist attraction. People visiting Segovia cannot miss visit this ancient structure in the city that is so appealing until the present time. This castle of Spain has gained popularity for its architecture and large interiors. It is also a memorabilia of the various invasions and war the nation has witnessed.

About Alcazar, Segovia

The castle of Segovia has succeeded in influencing the tourism of the place. Well known as a Segovia castle, this fortified palace in Spain has stunning landscape around it. It is located on a rocky place along the confluence of the rivers Eresma and Clamores. You can also make short trips to these places and the Guadarrama Mountains. The citadel is a distinct landmark in the city today.

El Alcazar is also preserved in its initial form of architecture. Little renovations have been done over the years. Originally built as a fortress, it served Spain as a prison and military academy as well. It is designed like a bow of the ship and has a unique shape compared to other Spanish castles.

How to reach Alcazar Castle

This castle is located on the top of a rocky cliff stretching towards the far end of the Segovia town. The base of the cliff is along the two rivers of Eresma and Clamores. You can drive through the town to the Al Alcazar, Segovia as there are many arrow signs showing the way.

Parking is available in way of the canal at the base of the cliff on which thye castle is situated. You need to walk up to the castle by leaving your vehicle there. The distance from Segovia town to the castle is around 20 minutes of drive.

History of Alcazar of Segovia

The Alcazar was built as palace. It was an Arab fort that later acted as a state prison, a Royal Artillery College,and a military academy in its later years. The fortress first found mention in 1120 in Spain when the country Christian community set to rule the region of Segovia. But, there are evidences that reveal there were Roman ruins present on the site were the castle stands today.

In the middle Ages, it remained the royal residence of Kingdom of Castile in Spain. It was used as a shelter zone and protection during invasions. It was during this age that palace was further extended and expansion was commissioned by Trastamara dynasty.

Around 1258, King Alfonso X renovated the fortress and the building came to house the parliament. King John II added the “New Tower” to the Alcazar. The royal court and parliament house that started operation here soon moved to Madrid, the capital city of Spain. Alcazar then served as the state prison for two centuries where war and civil criminals were kept before their trial. The Royal Artillery School replaced the existing prison. King Charles III established this military academy in 1762. It remained so for a century until March 1862.

Attractions of Alcazar, Segovia

A fire had damaged a portion of the roofs in 1862, yet it remains one of the beautiful structures of the country. Visited by a large number of tourists, the fort preserves its attractions even today. The architectural aspect remains the most highlighted aspect of the fortified palace. It is said that Walt Disney built the Cinderella castle of the Wat Disney World based on the Al Alcazar.

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