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Spain Popular Destinations

Spain is one of Europe’s most visited places. The architectural heritage, Spanish castles, and cultural attractions make it a worth visited place. Spain attracts tourists from all over the world. The country has good connectivity of flights from other parts of Europe and Asia. The major gateway to the country is through the Madrid Barajas International Airport. Madrid is the capital city followed by Barcelona.

About popular destinations in Spain

People can plan various vacations in Spain. You can choose from the range of cities and attractions to make your trip a memorable one. Popular destinations in Spain are the major cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Basque Country, Valencia, and the Balearic Islands. Tours to Canary Island, Spanish castle tours, and theme park tours can also be unique to your vacation.

Top Spain destinations

There are several tour packages offered by travel companies to visit the top tourist destinations in Spain. The top Spain destinations include tours to the various cities, its attractions, theme parks, gardens, and amusement centers. The beaches of Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are hot spots for visitors during summer months. You can consider the below given 10 places as popular vacation destinations in Spain.


There are around 3.3 million people living in the capital city of Madrid. Madrid is among the popular Spain destinations. There are both leisure travelers and businesspersons visiting the city every year. Madrid is popular among the tourists for luxury hotels, castle hotels, Spanish castles, and cultural attractions.

The city is home to the prominent Prado Museum, the oldest in Madrid. It has an extensive collection of artifacts related to the history and development of the city. The other interesting places are the Thyssen Bornemisza and the Reina Sofia Museum. Another place of visit is the San Nicolas de los Servitas church considered the oldest cathedral. The city is also placed on the top in terms of entertainment and shopping. The city is home to Real Madrid Football Club. The numerous shopping districts and flee-markets open more recreation avenues for visitors. An important shopping district is the Salamanca. Here you can buy electronic goods, accessories, garments, and textile products at much lower rate. El Rashtro is the largest flee-market in the city. There are other shops for getting fashion and designer wears. Castle tours are also possible within the city of Madrid Spain. You can book a tour package to see the Parador de Chinchón, Madrid and stay in the castle hotel of Parador de Chinchón, Madrid.


Enjoying a wonderful climate, Barcelona is a wonderful city in Spain. The Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonian province of Spain. It is the second largest in the city after Madrid and boasts of many attractions. It is also an important trade center therefore home to many shops and market places. The historical attractions, museums, stadiums, and vibrant nightlife make it a popular tourist destination in Spain. There are tours available to the places of attractions, shopping centers, castles, and museums. The architectural works of Antoni Gaudi makes the city buildings have a Gothic look. You can also opt for walking tours here. Visit the Sagrada Familia church, Barcelona Cathedral, and other World Heritage Sites. The National Museum of Art of Catalonia, Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, and Picasso Museum are sought after places of visit.

Barcelona shopping and entertainment centers are also notable ones. There are around 45 urban parks in the city. There are seven beach islands of 4.5 km of coastline. They are among the frequently visited spots in Spain.

Basque Country

Basque Country is popular for its stunning landscapes, mountains, beautiful castles, and historic sites. Basque Country is located in northern Spain and among the top destination. This region borders the Bay of Biscay and Ebro River. The Ebro Valley and the Castle of Butron are desired tourists spots. The Pyreness is a must-see in the region.


Valencia lies in the eastern part of Spain. The tours to Valencia will take you to the Saler Beach, La Malvarrosa, and Gandia. Tropical vacation in these tree beaches are loved by majority of tourists. The three fortified palaces- Castle of Avignon Pope Benedict XIII, Peñíscola, Castle of Játiva, and Castle of Santa Bárbara in Alicante are interests the tourists even today. You can savor some of the great Spanish cuisines in the restaurants of Valencia.


Galicia is a region in southwest Spain bordered by many mountain ranges and islands. The archipelago of Galicia includes the popular beaches of Malveiras Islands and Sisargas Islands. You can indulge in extensive tours of the place like visiting riverside of Mino, valley slopes, and the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park. The dense Atlantic forests, wildlife, and rainforests are places where you can go for a guided walking tour. The scenic beauty of Galicia makes it an important destination in Spain.


The mix culture of Granada city makes it a wonderful place of visit. There are beaches, islands, coastline, parks, and historic landmarks. You can explore the Alhanbra Palace, Archaeological Museum of Granada, Castril Palace, and the Granada Cathedral. The Gothic style architecture is reflected on the Royal Chapel of Granada and the Madrasah of Granada.

Balearic Isles

The Balearic Islands form an archipelago on the Mediterranean Sea and the Iberian Peninsula. There are extensive tours to Balearic Islands from Spain, making one of popular Spain destinations. The beauty of the surrounding areas is the main attraction of the place. The rich culture and civilization of the Balearic Islands is also intriguing to the visitors of the place. You can swim in the waters, go canoeing, and relax in the island beaches.

Port Aventura Park, Costa Dorada

Port Aventura Park is located in Costa Dorada in Spain. It is a theme park and a major entertainment center in the country. The two parks are housed within the Port Aventura Resort limits. You can enjoy some of the best rides at this park. There are loads of entertainment avenues at this Gold Coast park and is visited by many during the weekends.

El Alcázar, Segovia

This is one of the most well preserved castles in Spain. UNESCO lists it as World Heritage Site. The epitome of elegancy and fine architecture, El Alcazar is also among the top attractions in Spain. This is considered to be the castle that inspired the building of Cinderella Castle of the Walt Disney World. This fairytale castle looks complete with towers, ancient pillars, long courtyards, and peaceful surrounding. El Alcazar was built in the 12th century and stands as a great historic site of Segovia.

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum is located in Bilbao. The museum opened to public in 1997. It is one of the finest museums in the country housing many contemporary art and paintings. It is one of the significant architectural buildings of the 20th century.

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