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Spain Population

Spain is a large and diverse country. Spain population includes people from various ethnic groups, countries, and immigrants living here. These people follow diverse religions, culture, and tradition. A large population is centered in the islands of Spain.


About Spain Population


The estimated Spain population in 2008 was 46 million people. The population density is measured at 91 square kilometer. The population increased rapidly by the end of the 20th century. It almost resembled the demographic boom that was seen during 1960. The population of this country is lower than most in Europe. The population is distributed unequally in the cities and the islands. Madrid has the highest concentration of metropolitan population in the world. Most coastal regions are highly populous with a percentage of ethnic groups. These people live in various communities and in sparsely populated regions of the country. They are mainly based in the city limits or in the islands.


Spain population facts


Other than the Spanish-speaking people, other minority groups make up a large portion of the total population of Spain. Native Spanish people make up at least 88 per cent of the population. There are people belonging to the China, India, Filipino, Middle Eastern region, and South Asia in Spain. These minority groups make up for at least 12 per cent of the population. They are the immigrants who settled in various parts of the country after 1970. The growth rate of population dropped significantly in 1980s. But the influx of people from other European countries helped make up the population after 1982. Immigrant population in Spain includes 39 per cent of Latin American, 16 per cent North African people, and Eastern Europe about 15 per cent.


Reports from the Government of Spain reveal that there are 4.5 million foreign people in the country. This is around 11 per cent of the Spain population.


Population of Spanish Islands


Below given are the population statistics of the total number of people living in the inhabited islands of Spain. These figures reveal that Tenerife Island has the highest population density with Ons having the least.


  • Tenerife  899,833
  • Mallorca 862,397
  • Gran Canaria  838,397
  • Lanzarote 141,938
  • Ibiza  125,053
  • Fuerteventura 103,107
  • Menorca  92,434
  • La Palma  85,933
  • La Gomera 22,259
  • El Hierro 10,558
  • Formentera 7,957
  • Arosa  4,889
  • La Graciosa  658
  • Tabarca 105
  • Ons  61

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