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Spain Food, Spanish Food

Situated in Southwestern Europe, Spain is one of the most popular destinations of Travel. Characterized by breath-taking scenic beauty, heritage sites, man made attractions, and architectural structures, the European country has a charm of its own. Apart from its natural beauty, the country is also known for its historic and cultural appeal. Spain food reflecting the cultural development of the country is one of its distinctive characteristics. It is also said that it is the cuisine of Spain holds significant importance in the tourism appeal of the country. Traditional Spanish food like, ‘Tapas’ generally served at bars with drinks is a must – have during your visit.

Food in Spain

It is always advisable, that you always try on Spanish delicacies during your visit. A great attraction among the visitors, eating out in this European country is quiet cheap. The most interesting fact related to the delicacies is that the meals generally, come as more substantial that gourmets. ‘Tapas’, a local favorite and top tourist draw is a snack served with drinks and come in a range of food types from seafood to vegetables. You can go for bar to bar and try out different tastes of this traditional Spain food. Another local favorite that holds a great appeal among the visitors is the ‘Serrano Ham’. ‘Paella’ made of either meat or seafood is another Spanish delicacy that holds an equal appeal among both the locals and tourists. The European country is also popular internationally for its fish preparations. These meals of fishes are more popular in the coastal regions and are a must –try.   

Regional Food in Spain

The major highlight of Spain food is its range of Seafood delicacies. The eating habits are more or less similar throughout the country with its major difference lying in the culinary area. The food covers a wide range of cheese and olives to squid or meat. Cuisine in Spain is highly based on regional specialties. Each region of this European country has its own traditional delicacies. You are more likely to come across these regional delicacies more in the inland areas than the coastal areas.

Here is a detailed look at some of the regional culinary delicacies marking the traditional taste of that particular region in the country.

  • Northern Basque ProvincesHere you will get to taste the angulas,   cod vizcaina or cod pil-pil, the baby eels from Aguinaga, and squid preparation.

  • Asturia – The traditional delicacies include, fabada, bean soup, cheeses, and the Cider, which is considered to be the best in Spain.

  • GaliciaThis region has its own culinary dishes marking the traditionalism; this includes a wide variety of seafood dishes, the favorite being the à la Gallega. The shellfish preparation of the region is also quite popular.


  • Eastern region – The most significant food of this region is the Paella. This cuisine is extremely popular among both the tourists and the locals. The preparation is based on either seafood or meat.

  • CataloniaThe delicacies include specialties like, butifarra sausage stewed with beans, partridge with cabbage, and lobster Catalan. Another local favorite is the Pan amb tomaquet, bread rubbed with olive oil and tomato and filled with ham and cheese.


  • CastileHere, you can try on the roast meats of beef, lamb, veal, and pig.  Other culinary delicacies include country ham, sausages, partridges, and stews.

  • Andalucía – This region of the country is chiefly recognized for its cooking highlighting a strong Arab influence. Fried fish that includes jabugo ham from Huelva and fresh anchovies are quite popular. The most favorite dish is especially gazpacho, a delicious cold vegetable soup.


Traditional Spanish Meal

The country has its own traditional meal, which is a favorite among the residents. This meal starting from breakfast is followed by lunch, a teatime snack, and dinner. Spain food is marked by their traditional cuisine holding a great appeal among the tourists.

  • Breakfast ("desayuno") - A conventional "Spanish breakfast", consists of toast with butter and coffee or "cola-cao".


  • Lunch ("almuerzo") – The meal consists of meat, vegetables, fish, salad, and bread.

  • Teatime ("merienda") – Sweets and cakes or a roll with milk characterizes this meal of the day.  


  • Dinner ("cena") – Pizza and Hamburger are generally eaten at this meal of day.

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