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Spain Facts

Spain is known as one of the most significant and popular country of tourism. This European country is home to attractions ranging from Mountainous ranges to national parks; heritage cities to contemporary cities; manmade architectures to historic monuments; and spectacular beaches to cool blue islands. If you are planning a visit to the country, it is always advisable that you gather comprehensive facts about the country in particular. Spain facts seek to offer you knowledge in every necessary detail providing you a complete guide to travel around this European country. A tourist hub, this country is also popular and internationally famous for its festivals that includes the great bullfights events and Flamencos. A cultural country holding significant historic importance, this one has an appeal and charm of its own.


Facts and Information on Spain


It is always considered that information and facts about a country of visit helps in planning a vacation better. This information can range from major issues to minor concerns influencing a tourist or his /her trip. In general, facts about a country offer knowledge about its location climate, currency, tourist information number, tourism appeal, language, transportation, and other necessary details. Let us have a look at some of the Spain facts that would definitely help you during your visit.


Geographic Location: The country is situated in southwestern Europe surrounding the Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and Pyrenees Mountains to the southwest of France


Climate – In general, Spain features a temperate climate throughout the year with the northern region getting a bit dry and the south recording a hot climate. The months of July and August witnesses’ maximum temperature and it is best to avoid a trip during that time. The capital city, Madrid and the central plateau region gets very cold during the winter season.


Attractions – The country is home to a diverse range of attractions ranging from mountains, beaches to islands. It is also popular for its architectural heritage and historic monuments. The national parks and the art galleries and museums also hold a significant appeal among the tourists. Apart from its manmade and natural attractions, this European country is also famous for its internationally recognized bullfight sporting events. The country also boasts of a rich cultural appeal and is considered hub of culture in Europe.


Most of the museums remains closed on Mondays and other designated public holidays. These generally open on Sunday mornings. The hours of operation vary according to each season.?


Tourism: This European country witnesses around 50 million visitors each year and features in the list of top 3 mostly visited countries in the world. The top three largest cities in Spain as per their habitats are as follows -


  • Madrid - 5.9 million
  • Barcelona - 5.3 million
  • Valencia - 1.6


Transportation – It is always advisable that you opt for the bus transport while traveling within the country. You can avail a bus ride at the cost of only €0, 95. You can also purchase a card that will let you go for prepaid rides at the cost of €0, 59. It is much cheaper to opt for a bus than train, as a 6-hour ride in bus would cost around 20 euros as against 150 euros of a train ride. You can even opt for taxis, as they are known for offering a good bargain. A 5-minute city ride will cost you around 3 euros.


Tipping: People in Spain are not used to big tips; you can just leave a few coins if you are satisfied with their service.


Bank Hours: Generally, banks remain open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm and on Saturday until 1pm.


Fast Facts about Spain


Here is a quick look at some of the statistical records and Spain facts


  • Official name: The Kingdom of Spain
  • Capital of Spain: Madrid
  • Currency: Euro
  • Population size: 44,7 million in 2006
  • Highest Point: Pico de Teide in Tenerife 3,719 m
  • Time zone: +1 GMT except Canary Islands +2 GMT
  • Telephone country code: (00)34
  • Language: Spanish (Catalan, Valencian, Gallego, Euskera are regional languages)


Emergency numbers: You can call these toll-free during any emergency while on your visit to the country.

  • General emergency services - 112
  • Ambulance - 061
  • Fire service - 080
  • National police - 091 (this number is used when there is serious trouble)
  • Municipal police - 092
  • Civil guard - 062

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