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Spain Information

Situated in the South Western part of Europe, Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This country featuring a range of attractions holds a strong tourism appeal. While on a visit to this European country, you will get to see heritage cities, manmade attractions, mountain ranges, spectacular beaches, and breathtakingly beautiful islands. It is always advisable, that before planning a trip to a foreign country, you gather maximum facts and information about the same to help you plan better. Spain information will offer you knowledge about the country’s climate, geographic location, language, currency, food habits, and other necessary details. These facts and information about the country will surely offer you a guide to plan you vacation better.

Fact and information about Spain

Collection all necessary details about Spain acts as a travel guide. It is always best to know about every minute detail about a foreign country to avoid any hassles and disappointments while on a visit to the country. Let us have a look at some of the Spain information that will definitely come to your help while touring the country.

Spain Geography

This European country shares its border of Iberian Peninsula with its neighboring nation Portugal. This country is surrounded to the northeast by the Pyrenees mountain range. This mountain range separates the country from France. This country is also home to several beautiful islands. The Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera) lying at a distance of 193km to the Southeast of Barcelona and the Canary Islands located off the west coast of Africa form a part of Spain’s Geography.

Spain Climate

The European country witnesses a varied climatic condition throughout the year generally, featuring a temperate climatic condition. The northern region of the country records a dry season and the southern region remains hot. The country reaches maximum temperature during the months of July and August excepting the regions off the coast. It is advisable that you avoid planning a visit to the country during this time of the year.

Best Time of Visiting Spain

The best time of planning a trip to this European country is during the season of spring and autumn. Avoid visiting the Atlantic coast during the months of October and November, as it witnesses maximum rainfall during the period.  You can also visit Spain during the months of May and October, as it is then that the country witnesses fewer crowds and ideal weather. The capital city, Madrid is best visited in the season of autumn or late spring. The central plateau region and the city can get extremely cold during the winters. You must always carry Light- to medium weights clothing and rainwear as per your season of visit.

Spain Language

The official language of the country is Spanish. However, it gets quite difficult at times to understand their dialect even if you know Spanish for the accented touch. This usually happens in rural areas of tourism like, Andalucia. It is to be noted that English is widely understood in frequently visited tourist regions. Other popular significant language group includes Basque in the Basque Country, Gallego in Galicia, and different forms of Catalan in Catalunya, Valencia and the Balearic Islands. The percentage rate of the languages spoken are listed below –

  • Castilian Spanish - 74%
  • Catalan  -17%
  • Galician - 7%
  • Basque - 2%

Spain Currency

The official currency of Spain is the Euro (EUR). One Euro is divided into 100 cents. You can exchange your foreign currency at bureaux de change and banks along with major hotels. It is advisable that you opt for the banks, as the best rates are offered there. Restaurants, hotels, and shops accept credit cards and travelers checks. The country also has a number of ATM’s making it easier to obtain money.

Spain Food

Food and cuisine is one of the major attractions for tourists visiting this foreign country in Europe. Do not miss on the local favorite Tapas (pintxos in the Basque Country), small snacks served with drinks in local bars. These are often charged or offered for free. Most of the restaurants serve a menú del día at lunchtime that is a three-course meal with drinks. This lunch menu is rated at €10 to €20. Other popular preparations include Paella Cocido, butifarra amb mongetes, Tortilla, fabada, and Gazpacho. Popular drinks include Sherry, Wine, Beer, and Spanish brandy such as Carlos I, Osborne and Fundador.
Spain Transportation

While in Spain, opt for bus, as it is the cheapest mode of transportation within the country. You can avail a bus ride of the city at only € 0,95. You can even buy a card facilitating the prepaid rides at the cost of € 0,59. Traveling from one city to another also comes cheaper by bus. A 6-hour bus ride generally costs € 20 while a train ride will cost you around € 150. You can even opt for taxis quoting reasonable rates. A 5-minute city ride will cost around € 3.

Spain Facts

Here is a quick look at some of the important facts about the European country that might interest a tourist.

  • Time: Central European Time = GMT + 1 hour
  • Population: 40,341,462 (approx)
  • Currency: The Euro
  • Tourism: The country witnesses around 50 million visitors each year and is features in the top 3 list of mostly visited country
  • Communication: You must dial 00 and then add the country code (UK 44; USA 1; Australia 61; Canada 1; Irish Republic 353; New Zealand 64) followed by the telephone number deleting the first zero (if any) before making an international call. The country code for foreign calls is 00 34.
  • Emergency numbers (dial toll-free from any phone):
  • Emergency services Tel: 112
  • Ambulance/Ambulancia Tel: 061
  • Fire service/Bombers/Bomberos Tel: 080
  • National Police/Policia Nacional Tel: 091 (for serious trouble)
  • Municipal Police/Policia Municipal Tel: 092 (for larger towns and cities)
  • Civil Guard/Guardia Civil Tel: 062 (for smaller towns and villages)


For further Spain information or to know about any necessary detail, you can contact the Spanish tourist office in Madrid by dialing +34 91 366 5477

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