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Granada Hotels

Granada is part of the independent community of Adalusia in Spain. The city is located close to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. The population of Granada is estimated at 236,990 making it the 13th largest urban area in the country. The main airport connecting the city of Grenada is Federico Garcia Lorca Airport. Granada is home to many cultural and historical attractions making it worth for tourists.

About Granada

The place holds immense importance among tourists in Spain. This is because the people experience the culture, heritage, and scenic beauty of the place. The architectural legacy is that of the Moorish designs and Spanish Gothic style. The Alhambra palace is an important tourist attraction that draws large number of people. The Granada Cathedral also features the ancient charm of the place.

How to reach Granada

Airways are an important mode of transport in Spain. There are cheap flights from Madrid and Barcelona. There are international flights to Grenada International Airport from London, Liverpool, Milano, and Paris. There are inter-city bus services from Seville and Malaga to reach the city of Granada.

Granada attractions

The grand monuments, citadels, quaint churches and other historical and cultural sites of Granada, has given a boost to the city’s tourism. There are various sightseeing tours and packages to visit the places of attractions. There are day-tours conducted to the museums, churches, and cathedral. During the evening people, go to the beaches, riverside, theaters, and restaurants to relax. Explore some of the great architectural monuments in the city and the rich Granadian culture.

Below given are some of the top attractions in Grenada that include

The Alhambra

Alhambra is a palace citadel in Granada built in the Moorish design. This historical site is located on the top of Assabica hill in southeastern part of the city. The Alhambra Morrish palace was built for the last Muslim royals in Spain. It stands as one of the most stunning relics of Muslim architecture. Adjacent to the Alhambra palace is the Generalife. This was the summer residence for the Nazar kings in Spain. The lush green gardens are host to pools and fountains.


This historical site is part of UNESCO World Heritage List. It is located close to Alhambra palace. This district is home to many whitewashed homes, ancient buildings, and century-old houses. There are narrow-winding streets, restaurants, cafes, and tapas bars adorning the place.

Granada Cathedral

Granada's cathedral is situated near Gran Via. It is also near to the city center. The cathedral’s main chapel resembles the Renaissance architecture with its Corinthian columns. The statues of the twelve apostles are the main highlights of the place.

Iglesia de San Juan de Dios

This church in Granada is located on the road of the road named San Juan de Dios. San Juan de Dios is a 16th century saint who dedicated his life treating the sick and patients in the city. The church is an honorary to his philanthropy. Saint San Juan de Dios is interred in the church. There are also interesting collections including paintings from 17th century Spain.

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