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Las Palmas Flights

Looking for Las Palmas flights? Las Palmas airport also known as the Gran Canaria Airport operates both domestic and international flights and is recorded the fifth busiest airport in the whole of Spain. The airport is siatuated on the Grand Canaria Island; about 19 kilometers towards the south of Las Palmas city and 25 kilometers from the major tourist areas of the southern region. The huge runways of the airport also serve as the alternative site for landing NASA Space Shullte.


Flights to Las Palmas:


The airport of Las Palmas being the 5th largest and busiest airport in Spain, it is obvious that there are numerous European Union and Mainland Domestic flights belonging to various airline carriers operate to and from the airport. Such airlines include:


Aer Lingus has its flights operating to and from Belfast-International, Dublin


Air Berlin has its flight operating to and from Basel/Mulhouse, Paderborn/Lippstadt, Berlin-Tegel, Z?rich, Cologne/Bonn, Nuremberg, Dortmund, Dresden, D?sseldorf, Hamburg, Leipzig/Halle and M?nster/Osnabr?ck.


Air Europa has its flights operating to and from Arrecife, Tenerife-South, Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao, Santiago de Compostela, Cork and Madrid.


  • Binter Canarias has its flights operating to and from Arrecife, Tenerife-South, El Aai?n, El Hierro, Tenerife-North, Fuerteventura, Santa Cruz de la Palma, Funchal, La Gomera, LLayounne and Marrakech.


  • Condor has its flights operating to and from Berlin-Sch?nefeld, Cologne/Bonn, D?sseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig/Halle, Munich, Paderborn/Lippstadt and Stuttgart


  • Islas Airways has its flights operating to and from Arrecife, El Aai?n, Fuerteventura, Marrakech and Tenerife-North


  • Norwegian Air Shuttle has its flights operating to and from Aalborg, Trondheim, Bergen, Stockholm-Arlanda, Copenhagen, Stavanger, Oslo-Gardermoen and Oslo-Rygge.


Apart from these, there are other airlines as well, which include names like Ryanair, Monarch Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Vueling and many others.


Cheap flights to Las Palmas:


If you are planning a trip to Las Palmas, then make sure you research well on Las Palmas flights before making your purchase. Good research can get you flight tickets for comparatively cheaper rates. Most airline carriers offer low price tickets from time to time. Generally there are a few tips that you can follow to avail cheap tickets, like:


  • Keep a track on the discounts offered by the airline companies and avail them wisely.
  • Avoid flying during summer, which is the peak season in the country.
  • Flight tickets are generally more expensive during long weekends and public holidays, so try to avoid flying around such time.
  • Flying early mornings or late nights can save you some money on tickets
  • Fly no-frill airlines, as they are designed to offer cheaper flights.


So, here you have a brief description on Las Palmas flights. Make your purchase wisely and save yourself some good sum of money.

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