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Granada Flights

Granada, the province as well as a city in Spain, has a lot in store for tourists. The place is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary aspects. There are ancient buildings abounding with history and Moorish architecture. At the same time you can also find a wide array of modern day night clubs and places like Granada conference center, known for its high-tech equipments and technology. With everything the place offers, makes it an extremely preferred destination for both long and short getaways. If you are planning to visit this exotic Spanish city then there are quite a few Granada flights to choose from.


Granada Airport:


Airport in Graneda also known as Federico Garca Lorca Granada-Jan Airport is situated about 16 kilometers towards the west of Granada city and about 106 kilometers towards the south of Jaen. The airport mainly focuses on domestic Granada flights, although there are a few international flights operating as well.


Flights to Granada:


If you are an international traveler then finding a direct flight to Granada might be a problem as there are not too many international flights operating from to and from the city. However, you can fly to Madrid or Barcelona and the take a domestic flight to Granada.


Granada Airline carriers:


There are quite a few airline companies operating fights to and from Granada. These airline carriers include: Air Europa, Vueling Airlines, Spanair, Ryanair and Iberia.


When to fly Granada?


Granada can be visited any time of the year. However, tourists prefer visiting the city during the summer, as winters in Spain tend to get a bit too cold. But, do bear in mind that summers in Granada or Spain as a whole, is considered to be the peak season and both flights and hotels come expensive. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy chilly winters and show, Spain makes quite an option. Winter season in Spain is very charming and is definitely worth experiencing. Moreover, winters being off season in Granada as well as in the whole Spain, you are also likely to find cheap Granada flights and hotels. You can avoid the peak season rush if you opt to traveling to Granada during winters.


How to find cheap flights to Granada?


Here are some tips, which will help you find the cheap flight deals to Granada like:


  • Fly off season (spring and winter)
  • Avail discounts offered by many Airlines
  • Book your tickets well in advance
  • Early morning and late night fights might come comparatively cheap
  • Try not flying on public holidays
  • Avoid weekend flights
  • Fly no frill airlines
  • Avoid flying during long weekends.


So, here is some important information on Granada flights; keeping them at the back of your mind will help you make the best buy.