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Barcelona Flights

Barcelona Airport also called El Prat Airport is recorded the second largest in Spain after Madrid Barajas Airport. It is the focus city for airline carriers like Iberia, Air Europa, Vueling, and Spanair. The airport operates both national and international Barcelona flights; international regions include North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, North Africa and different parts of Europe.

You can find low cost to executive class Barcelona flight tickets. In case you are looking for cheap tickets then you have three options; one, fly no-frill airlines; two, fly off season; three, wait for discounts.

Best deals on Barcelona air-tickets:


There are different airline companies who have their flights operating to and from El Prat Airport, Barcelona. These carriers can be divided into three categories namely, low-end, mid-range and high-end. Low-end airlines like EasyJet, Air Berlin, Aer Lingus and many others are likely to have cheaper air-tickets to Barcelona compared to the mid range and high end airlines like British Airways, Air Comet, Lagun Air and others of the kind. High and mid range carriers often offer discounts of Barcelona flights, so definitely try to make use of it. Also avoid flying during the peak season (summer), there are hordes of tourists going to Barcelona around this time and therefore, the flight tickets are much higher than usual. Consider visiting around winter, it’s off season and everything starting from flights to hotels comes cheap.


Some added Barcelona flight tips:


  • Try to fly during mid week
  • Try to take late night or early morning flights
  • Avoid flying on public holidays
  • Book your tickets well in advance


Keeping these tips at the back of your mind while making you ticket booking, is likely to get you cheaper tickets.


Flights to Barcelona:


Barcelona airport being the second busiest has massive air traffic which includes both domestic and international flights.


Domestic flights:


  • Spanair, Air Europa, Vueling and Iberia ?have their flights operating from Madrid, Community of Madrid
  • Air Europa, Air Berlin, Spanair, Ryanair and Vueling have their flights operating from Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands
  • Air Europa, Ryanair, Spanair and Vueling have their flights operating from Ibiza, Balearic Islands
  • Air Europa, Spanair and Vueling have their flights operating from Tenerife-North, Canary Islands
  • Spanair and Vueling have their flights operating from Alicante, Valencian Community
  • Air Europa, Spanair, Ryanair and Vueling have their flights operating from Las Palmas de Gran Ganaria, Canary Islands


There are many more flights operating from different cities of Spain, like Lanzarote, Malaga, Seville and several other regions.


International flights:


Barcelona has numerous international flights, flying in and out of the city’s airport. Airline carriers running international flights include British Airways, Air France, EasyJet, Alitalia, Vueling, Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle and many others. These companies have their flights operating from different countries like Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, United States and many more.


Now that you more or less have a concise idea about Barcelona flights, choose the right flight at the right time and enjoy your Barcelona trip without having spending much on flight fares.

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